ENLiF F1 Electric Wireless Spin Pet Mop Vacuum Cleaner Review: A Cordless Rechargeable Lightweight Cleaner Electronic Floor Sweep


The ENLiF F1 Electric Wireless Spin Pet Mop Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless Rechargeable Lightweight Cleaner Electronic Floor Sweeper and Mop Adjustable for Carpet & Harder. It comes with a lot of amazing features which makes it stand out in the market today and one good thing about the vacuum cleaner is the price tag, it comes in a very affordable price that would make one and all want to get it.

Buy The ENLiF F1 Electric Wireless Spin Pet Mop Vacuum Cleaner For $85.99


It comes with a unique Design Without Dead Corner. The host adopts a combination of round and square design to make up for the defects of the square and or wound structure. Suitable for a variety of different housing structures, no dead corners. It’s Lightweight One-hand Control. Lightweight design mop and one-hand control, suitable for all your family members include your lover, children, and elder. It also features a flexible rotation.
A joint on the base allows the handle to rotate from all angles, facilitating mopping. Cleaning underneath furniture has never been so easy. 85°flexible rotation and Ultra-thin base design,easy to wipe the botton of the furniture easily.



Unlike other double-row electric mops on the market which rotating outwardly or up and down, ENLiF double rows mop rotate inwardly in. The garbage is sucked and concentrated in the middle of the mop, leaving no stains or dust on the floor. 180r/min and 220r/min two high-speed cleaning are suitable for different floors and stains. The Electric mop has a 400ml water tank, the nozzle sprayed with fan-shaped water mist can wet the ground evenly, dragged and dry, no water stains. And sprayed distance is 10cm, not easy to splash on the furniture. It has an adjustable Height and Angle 95-133cm adjustable telescopic rod and 85° pitching angle, ergonomic aluminum alloy handle can rotate 180° that is easy for you to push it back and forth, convenient to get into cracks and crevices for a completely clean, no need to kneel or bend.

The ENLiF F1 Electric Wireless Spin Pet Mop Vacuum Cleaner has a built-in LED lights illuminate dirt and stains. Convenient for cleaning under large furniture. Its automatic spray function allows you to control the amount of cleaner dispensed for easy, controlled cleaning. The electric mop and vacuum cleaner work consistently with procedures of suction, sweep, and wax. Wood conditioner and nano polished rag could sweep the floor speedily and evenly, which keeps the floor bright as new. It is currently available on Banggood for just $85.99, limited to just 25 units.

Buy The ENLiF F1 Electric Wireless Spin Pet Mop Vacuum Cleaner For $85.99

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