Enlighten your life and your bike with the bike’s Waterproof Color Changing Lights


I’m sure you have seen many times, various bikes on the street that have some strange lights, that either make funny designs or just create light. I found at Lightinthebox a set of lights for bikes, with which you can create various designs.

The Bikes lights are a set of type LEDS, using a battery 18650 with 96 emmites.The LEDS are completely waterproof so there is no problem with the power to be hit .The lights can be used either on a bike or a motorbike.

You can program the lights in order to show whatever you want. It’s really very nice and sure you will be very impressed from what it can show and all your friends with you.

I have found the Lights for Bikes at Lightinthebox. If you want to get them, go over there and don’t forget to use our coupon code BICYCLE5550723, in order to have it. By this way you will have a reduction of the price by 7.16$, and you will get it much cheaper!


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