ESCAM G10 Review: a best 720P HD Camera to Take Care of Your Home at $19.99 on Banggood


The wireless robotic IP Camera ESCAM G10 ensures the surveillance of your space and informs you when it comes to movement! It is also ideal for home use as it enables you to easily and discreetly monitor everything in the room. With the ESCAM G10, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in your room with the ability to send photos & email to your mobile device.


ESCAM G10 has Smart functions combined with a unique style. Here effectively played with white and black colors. Memory card slot is hidden from prying eyes. The head has a circular shape at the rear part thereof has openings for cooling and good air circulation. You can use a smartphone, tablet, TV, PC or laptop for remote viewing. Choose what you prefer, and monitor your home at any time and in any place. The base ESCAM G10 camera has threaded mounting screw. So you can choose different installation options: on a table, wall, ceiling. This is also making the camera travel-friendly. The overall dimension of ESCAM G10 IP Camera is 130 * 115 * 95mm and its total weight is just 175g. The camera is very lightweight and tiny to be fixed or carry anywhere.


ESCAM G10 Mini IP camera for video surveillance with high-quality video 720p, night vision up to 7 meters and a motion sensor. The camera can be powered from any USB output or Power Bank. A lot of different settings and control of the CCTV camera through a convenient free YooSee application on the smartphone. For example, it is possible to configure notifications with video coming to you by e-mail, when motion appears in front of the camera lens. Camera G10 is an excellent security guard – everything will be recorded on your phone.


The ESCAM G10 IP Camera is an excellent IP camera, feature-rich and comes with a very affordable price tag. Most of all, this is manufactured by a very well-known brand ESCAM. So we can surely trust this device. If you are looking to improve your home security, I will definitely recommend you to try this awesome gadget. its Available on Banggood in $19.99 at Pre-Sale.


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  1. How do you view this cam on a pc? I can’t find the proper URL syntax for vlc or ispy. Is there a program for Windows?

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