EYU E9SM 200W Folding Electric Scooter Offered for €189.99 On Cafago


There are numerous models of scooters available for purchase on the market today. Although, the features and specs are to be ascertained before making purchases. However, aside from the durable design, the price and performance should be considered also. Currently on Cafago, the EYU E9SM 200W Folding Electric Scooter is offered for € 189.99.


Buy EYU E9SM Electric Scooter On Cafago

As a preferred choice of scooter to purchase, the EYU E9SM foldable electric scooter features a 200W brushless motor, which enables up to 25 km/h top speed while delivering smooth, and quiet riding experience. With the presence  of the 29V 4800mAh lithium battery embedded on this scooter, it is scheduled to deliver a maximum range of 12 km on a single 5 hour charge.


In terms of design, this elegant looking scooter adopts a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that carries user weight up to 100kg (220lbs) comfortably. In addition, EYU E9SM electric scooter boast of an adjustable height allowance which provides much convenience for different rider heights. This scooter also adopts a collapsible body and handlebars for space-saving storage.

EYU E9SM foldable electric scooter is an ideal electric scooter for commuting and short trips within the vicinity. Even at night, the scooter offers convenient riding experience with the presence of the super bright LED headlamp and the efficient brake system.

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Buy EYU E9SM Electric Scooter On Cafago

Where To Buy:

The EYU E9SM Foldable Electric Scooter is available for € 189.99 which is 63% Off the normal price on Cafago.



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