FEIYUTECH AK4000 Review: A 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Anti-shake Handheld Stabilizer For Just $549 (Coupon Inluded)


The FEIYUTECH AK4000 3-Axis Camera Gimbal is a gimbal of the new generation, which is a complete tool for advanced filmmakers. Top-quality motors and advanced algorithms ensure smooth, vibration-free shots. Sophisticated ergonomics and the ability to communicate gimbal with the camera allow the user to use the full potential of operator skills. The load-carrying capacity of the AK4000 comes from the ultra-large torque motors of infinite power and a new high-performance chip in combination with the intelligent anti-shake algorithm. The anti-shake is also capable of being used in extreme environments and can bear the weights of professional SLR cameras and lens of all brands.

Design & Appearance

Gimbal has been designed so that its construction does not limit the functionality of the camera. This means easy access to the screen. In addition, the stabilizer is compatible with Manfrotto PL501 quick couplers. The handle has an ergonomic shape, providing comfort even during long. Simple, popular angular design does not cover the screen during shooting or filming, allowing free framing. The handle can be easily removed from the device for safe transport or storage. The device is compatible with the most popular Manfrotto PL501 quick release plate format. The four-way center of gravity of the gimbal is adjusted by the sliding arm. The stabilizer is equipped with two mounting holes in a standard size 1/4 “, allowing the installation of additional devices to facilitate the operation of the equipment. In addition, the AK4000 also implemented a USB port for charging the camera and other additional devices.


The energy-saving LCD screen allows easy adjustment of the focus, zoom, ISO sensitivity, white balance, exposure compensation, engine speed, scene, and the automatic rotation mode. The touch panel can be updated to ensure uninterrupted functionality. Intelligent anti-shock algorithm allows taking pictures in extreme conditions, additionally three-axis rotation, due to simulating the state of space, gives the opportunity to perform breathtaking creations enriched with special effects. The high precision magnetic induction knob is used not only to control focus and zoom but also to control the rotation of the motor and other functions. The Feiyu ON application can connect simultaneously with the phone via Bluetooth and with the camera via WiFi to control settings for shooting, filming, focusing, zooming, changing modes and more. AK4000 works with a wide range of cameras and camera sets with a lens to meet the demands of professional photography.


Extremely powerful high-performance motors, improved chip, and intelligent algorithm allow very precise operation, even in the most difficult conditions. FeiyuTech AK4000 enables effective stabilization of cameras and cameras with lenses with a total weight of up to 4 kg. It is possible to cooperate with SLRs, cameras and mirrorless cameras equipped even with large, advanced lenses. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $549 after using this Coupon Code:HY50AKFT 


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