Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max Released: 4500 ANSI Lumens, For Just $3999.99


Fengmi Technology officially released Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max, which is currently available for pre-sale on JD.com at RMB 27,999, and the first release is RMB 26,999.  Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max is another innovative masterpiece of Fengmi Technology in laser TV products. It continues the 100-inch large screen (up to 200 inches), 4K resolution, 4500 lumens super bright, and Rec.709 super Hardcore indicators such as high colour gamut and high dynamic contrast.

At the same time, it is equipped with Fengmi’s self-developed FAV image quality optimization technology, and the adopted HDR10+ and HLG decoding technology, which brings a more detailed picture contrast.

In terms of product appearance, the size of the whole machine is 608x389x140mm, which is made of CNC metal integral moulding, and its streamlined design comes with gradual light and shadow.

Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max is equipped with a self-developed FengOS system and a flat layout, which is in line with the browsing and operating habits of large-screen users.

With the self-developed FDP (Feng Dynamic Page) dynamic page architecture, the FAV and FAA audio and picture engines are implemented at the technical level, which can provide users with a smooth and smooth large-screen human-computer interaction experience.

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As a cinema-grade product, in addition to the laser TV, it also comes standard with a 100-inch Fresnel anti-light screen, with an 8mm metal anodized frame, giving the overall visual effect without borders. Adopting the Fresnel optical structure, the contrast ratio is increased 10 times compared with the white wall so that a good picture is not afraid of ambient light.


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