FIIDO D1 Electric Bike Review: 7.8Ah For $429.99 & 10.4Ah For $449.99


Can you ride a bicycle if you are traveling? No, there are still good quality bicycles for everyone to ride on the market. Today, what the ears want to say is not to share the problems of bicycles, but how to ride them freely where there is no shared car? After the sharing of bicycles in electric bicycles, the market has changed significantly. When you go out to play, you will have beautiful scenery, the sunny coast of the birds and flowers, everything will make you want to be inside. When you fly, you will want a folding bike. When you are tired, you will want a electric bicycle. Why not an electric car? Because the electric car is already OUT. What we are experiencing today is the electric bicycle called FIIDO D1. Compared with Xiaomei’s Yunma electric bicycle, of course, this car not only has electric power mode but also pure electric mode.

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The ear standard for bicycles is simple, and the appearance is simple and not simple. This is actually a more general requirement, but this requirement is also very difficult. However, when the ear was out of the evaluation of FIIDO D1, because of the simple body line design, the color of fashion personality attracted many people to ask questions, is it an electric bicycle? Why can’t I see the battery?

It can be seen that the image of this car is still very novel in people’s minds. The design of FIIDO D1 is not as cumbersome as a traditional electric car, but many people still recognize it for the first time, so it certainly has its own uniqueness.

One side of the handlebar is the power supply of the car. The switch is on one side. Although this switch is obvious, it is the switch of the bicycle headlights and not the switch of the car. Pay attention to the place where the ear is drawn. There is a button that slides left and right. At first, the ear thinks that this is the left turn, and the light that turns to the right has not been used, causing the ear to ignore the button.

This button is actually the key to switching between electric mode, electric-assist mode and human riding mode. The button is electric on the far left, the electric assist mode on the far right, and the normal bicycle mode in the middle.

If it is a follow-up product, it should be better to show this part on the handlebar. However, the ear thinks that the switch and mode selection of the headlights can be interchanged. After all, the headlights only need to draw a symbol of the lamp. Everyone will naturally know what it means, and the remainder between the electric power, electric mode and normal mode needs to be more. Conspicuous.

The beam of the car is relatively large, do not think much, this must be the battery, it is reported that the battery capacity is 36 volts 10.4Ah, an iPhone battery capacity is 1821mAh, which is equivalent to the size of 57 iPhone batteries. However, the energy consumption of the bicycle is relatively simple, and it will save more electricity during the exercise.

FIIDO D1 officially provides data that can be electrically assisted for 75 km (body weight 150 kg), electric 55 km (body weight 90 kg), if you are heavier than the data provided by the ear, please reduce the mileage proportionally, do the pre-charging ready. Take the ear Jun as an example. If there is still 1 grid left in the meter, don’t ride the bike too far away with the weight of 100 kilograms of the ear, so that you can only rely on yourself to pick it up. Of course, I will also choose the electric assist mode. Feeling hard, I feel embarrassed.

The work of the car itself is OK, the wheels are wrapped tightly, and you don’t have to worry about the car wheel. And the body’s electronic components are also more, there is a USB mobile phone charging stand.


How does bicycle power through electricity? The electric-assist bicycle was first born in Japan, and the “Power Assist System”, which is based on a torque sensor, is a hybrid model of “manpower + electric power”, and can also be driven by pure manpower. The electric-assist bicycle has the lightness and convenience of the bicycle and is also a personal transportation device that effectively compensates for the burden of the bicycle uphill, headwind, and load. It is based on a traditional bicycle and is powered by a torque sensor-based power system with a motor and battery.

Simply put, we are in the process of pedaling, the electric bicycle will follow us in the direction of force, give a little more force, let us use more light force to achieve greater power.

Ears used to be a mountain bike enthusiast. It’s hard to get a leg, and it’s very difficult to get to 32-35km/h. But the first time you ride an electric bicycle, the feeling of ease is just like flying. It’s like flying, or it’s because I’ve been riding a shared bike for a long time, which makes me judge the speed, but this feeling is really free to fly compared to sharing a bicycle.

Verdict & Buy

In general, the app’s applicability and playability are very high. From the experience of riding, the feeling of using the power to get two copies is just a little bit fascinating. In terms of comfort, the height of the seat can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. Moreover, it can be folded with one hand, and it can be carried on the elevator with ease, and it does not occupy too much space for home and office.

From a one-way 10-15 km user, Ear Jun thinks that you can consider electric bicycles to travel, usually 30-40 minutes commute, fewer traffic jams, driving this annoying process, not to remember to fill the bus at all times stuck.

Finally, now Beijing is often snowing, and it is difficult to ride a road, but after the Spring Festival, the weather is getting warmer. For the majority of office workers and young people, it is obviously a good choice to buy a high-value and easy-to-use electric bicycle.

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Update on July 9,  2020

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Update on August 3, 2020

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