FIIDO D3S Review: 16-Inch Variable Speed Folding Power Assist Eletric Bicycle For Just $519.99 at TOMTOP


At present, due to the high traffic flow, getting out can do something complicated, which is why the population has taken alternative options to mobilize such as walking or riding bicycles and using light electric vehicles, using products such as the FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike, an electric bicycle that will be our faithful companion to reach any destination we want in a comfortable, fast and safe way.

Buy FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike at $129.99 from TOMTOP


The FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike weighs only 18kg and can be lifted with one hand. To make the electric car lighter, this car has a built-in battery design, so that you can keep the body simple, make the car beautiful, look like a bicycle, but can drive! The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light and does not rust. The high-strength body is stress-free even for people over two hundred kilograms. The FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike has a length of 41.3in and a folding height of only 25.6in. It can be easily carried by an elevator and can be used to go to the company. Never worry about the last two kilometers. It can meet your needs for short-distance travel, and it is easy to store and store. You can place it in a small corner.


FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike has three kinds of riding modes: pure electric, riding and assisting. The electric and assist modes switch automatically. When the throttle is turned, it is automatically electric. Without the throttle, stepping on the pedal is the electric assist mode. The FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike also features an all-inclusive fender, which is very practical and can really block the splash of rain and mud. The FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike uses a 250W Brushless Motor in the core device of the fuselage. Compared with the brushed motor, the brushless motor has a longer service life. Life is the most satisfying place for me. FIIDO D3S抯 pure electric mode has a 30-kilometer battery life, and the power-assisted mode has no problem for 60-kilometer life. Moreover, it can be seen from the numerical values that the maximum speed is no more than 25KM/H, whether it is going to work or after work. Although it is not fast, it is safer and more powerful. The speed can reach 30KM/H in mode.

In terms of power consumption, the brushless motor has a 20% longer battery life than a normal brushless toothless motor and has a higher starting torque. Moreover, the FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike adopts front and rear double disc brakes, and the brake performance is excellent, and the brake is more stable and effective. The headlights can only be said to be barely enough for this part. The range is only about 3 meters. The night scene driving greatly limits the speed. Because of this range, the speed is too fast, there is a pit in front or other sudden situations are not enough time. reaction. The front and rear wheels of the FIIDO D3S have a good braking effect and are responsive, but they are not suddenly stopped, but gradually increase the braking force, so the overall process is still relatively soft. At the fastest speed of 30 kilometers per hour, the emergency braking needs about 1 meter. To the buffer distance, I hope that everyone can maintain a safe distance while driving, and it is not recommended to drive at full speed.


Buy FIIDO D3s Folding Electric Bike at $129.99 from TOMTOP

FIIDO D3S is similar in appearance to ordinary bicycles. It is more acceptable for the senses. It is not an alternative. Secondly, the gear shift design and pedal design continue the traditional bicycle function. It can be said that it is electric. Right now we can buy it from TOMTOP at $519.99 and Delivered from EU Warehouse


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