FIIDO D4S Review – Folding Moped Electric Bike at $679.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


FIIDO D4S is the new folding electric bicycle from FIIDO, by a now known Chinese company for the wide choice on the market of cheap electric bicycles with excellent performance. It’s about a particularly light (18.5 kg), as foldable and therefore particularly portable e-bike for the road. By the ergonomic design even long distances can be mastered without any problems. The D4S is with one 250 Watt electric motor fitted. For the energy supply is a 10.4 AH battery (36V) responsible, which in turn for a Range up to 80 km provides.

Buy FIIDO D4S Folding Moped Electric Bike at Geekbuying


FIIDO D4s is an e-bike that seems to offer, judging by the first photos, an attractive design, with an ultralight 12.9 kg frame, and exceptional performance, with 100 kilometres of autonomy. All this, without renouncing the folding design that has made the past editions of e-bikes famous. The frame will be in aluminium alloy, therefore light, so as to guarantee an easy urban movement, with an eye to aesthetics, which does not renounce to be fashionable, particularly modern in its lines. We are talking about a folding E-bike both in the handlebar and in the frame, to reduce the dimensions to only 85 x 64 cm when closed compared to 150 x 108 cm when open. As for the materials, FIIDO D4S is entirely built-in aluminium alloy to guarantee a weight of only 18.5 kg.

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The FIIDO D4S features a 52-tooth large chain and a 12-tooth flywheel for a comfortable ride and adapt to different road conditions. This bike has a built-in large-capacity battery design, the body is simple; and the lines are beautiful, the body can be folded in half. It has pure electric; riding, electric-assist three riding modes. Equipped with the advantage of normal bike and e-bike, freely to change to the pure electric cycling when you tried, the other manpower function will satisfy your fitness desire even out of power in the way of home. 250W motor can offer 25km/h max speed and 30-degree steep slopes. Fiido D4S range up to 25-40km. Using a brushless and toothed motor, the power consumption is lower; the endurance is 20% stronger than the normal brushless and toothless motor; and the starting torque is larger.

The 6-speed manual transmission from Shimano stands for quality and ensures a comprehensive driving experience. Air-filled 20-inch tires provide grip, regardless of the weather and the road surface. They enable a safe braking process double disc brakes. The handlebar is fully equipped and offers a digital speedometer, light switch and horn, as well as a user-friendly circuit. Fiido D4S bicycle has a built-in large-capacity battery 10.4Ah 36v. The body is simple and stylish, and the lines are beautiful; and equipped with a USB phone holder, front light, horn, display, the body can fold in half.


Larger wheels, battery with excellent autonomy, disc brakes, relatively small weight and size and new on-board computer, make the Fiido D4S one of the most interesting electric bicycles for anyone who wants to move around the city in total autonomy and respecting the environment. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $679.99 by using Coupon Code: GKB524S and ship from EU warehouse.

Buy FIIDO D4S Folding Moped Electric Bike at Geekbuying


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