FIIDO L2 Review: High Durability Electric Bicycle With 20Ah Battery


As an office worker, my home and company commute a distance of more than 10 kilometers. In addition, Xi’an has many subway and infrastructure constructions. Commuting during peak hours, traffic jams are also common. I have also suffered a lot from traffic jams. I have n’t had the energy to ride bicycles. In addition, the company is located in a remote area. There are only one bus line and no subway to get there, so I bought a suitable commuter tool on the agenda. Introducing Fiido L2 Electric Bike.

Narrowing the scope, there are two options for electric cars and motorcycles. I think that the technology of motorcycles is not good, and it is not safe to ride fast, so PASS. Electric vehicles get started quickly, and the technology is relatively mature. In addition, there is a Bicycle to travel, and it is also more convenient to start a commute to buy food and relax. After doing some homework on the Internet, I started a FIIDO electric bicycle folding lithium battery electric male and female battery Bicycle small power-assisted driving electric car-L2.

Starting with L2, it is still based on multiple considerations, 1 portable, 2 long battery life, 3 has the characteristics of two-in-one electric car and bicycle: three modes of riding assistance without effort. For office workers and driver drivers, it is possible to avoid the embarrassment of other electric vehicles/e-bikes having no power to push hard, waiting for rescue to affect the work, or riding hard.

Next, I will share with you the experience of using FIIDO L2. Since this article is a long-term test, I will give you a comprehensive and objective five parts from the appearance of the box, the introduction of characteristics, the endurance and riding experience, the analysis and summary of all aspects Introduction, to help you understand the L2 product, this article belongs to the appearance of the box, other content will be evaluated while I use it, and I will share it with you in time.


In terms of packaging, the FIIDO L2 long-endurance electric folding bicycle is packed in a shock-proof carton. The gross weight of the large box is close to 29Kg, which is relatively heavy. Two people are needed to help when moving.

After the package is removed, the inside is protected by a thick foam plastic. The Bicycle is folded in the factory. It contains a charger, manual, warranty card, a set of wrenches and hexagonal screwdrivers, a pair of seats, and pedals. The seats and pedals need to be installed by the user, and there is no difficulty.

The instruction manual and the charger box remind the user that they need to charge the battery when it is turned off. The close-up of the charger, wrench, and hexagonal screwdriver is convenient for users to install pedals and perform routine maintenance. The 48V lithium-ion charger outputs 54.6V 3A, and the plug has three round holes.

The seat and pedals are protected by a heat-shrinkable film, which can be used after removing the bicycle and installing it. After the bicycle is taken out, it is in a folded state. The manufacturer intimately protects the folding contact surface with corrugated paper to prevent the paint from being worn away. The color is available in ivory white, starry gray, and luminous orange. I chose luminous orange here, which looks energetic and stylish. The conspicuous color is also easy for other traffic participants to discover and pay attention to when riding.

The Bicycle comes with a hooked basket and a steel chain lock with an ultra-B-level lock core. Everyday anti-theft needs to pay more attention. Try to put it in a safe room or carport. After all, the Bicycle can carry it. Each foot pedal has an LR logo to facilitate users to distinguish between left and right, just tighten with a wrench, and the foot pedal also adopts a folding design, which can be stored to save space. After installing the seat, press the switch on the handlebar to ride, isn’t it very simple? Let me introduce the details of the vehicle.

Fiido L2 Design

FIIDO L2 has three configurations: Youth Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition. These three configurations have the same specifications, sizes, and speeds. The difference is that the battery capacity is different, so the battery life is also different. My L2 belongs to the deluxe version, equipped with 20Ah battery, the official nominal endurance is 85-125Km, the maximum speed is 25Km / h, and the standard 350W motor.

The size of the Bicycle is 130x45x104cm, and the folding size is 77x43x67cm (manual measurement has errors, please refer to the actual product), the weight is 27Kg, it is still a bit heavy, but the weight mainly comes from the battery. In terms of storage safety, if the user’s house has an elevator, the elevator on the cart will be finished. If a building without an elevator needs to lift the Bicycle upstairs, you can pull out the battery and go upstairs twice, or store the Bicycle in a safe shed and carry the battery upstairs to charge.

The effect of the whole vehicle is shown. When the sun and orange match together and go to work against the sunrise, do you feel full of vitality? Let’s introduce the vehicle details for everyone:

In terms of frame, Fiido L2 uses an integrated 6061 aviation aluminum alloy frame, which is light and stable, not easy to rust. The frame weighs only five kilograms, which is equivalent to one-third of the iron frame. The seam of the frame is welded with fish scales, and the paint is full and shiny. When the frame is dirty, gently wipe it with a rag to clean it. At the same time, the wires of the Bicycle body have been bundled, and will not fall loose and affect the safety of cycling.

This handle is used to lift the vehicle when moving the vehicle, and the force is not even. In terms of wheels, Fiido L2 uses Zhengxin tires, which have high anti-knock and anti-skid coefficients. At the same time, the tires are thickened to avoid sharp objects such as glass slag and iron nails. The inner tube is an air inner tube with strong filtering ability, suitable for long-term riding. The specifications of the front and rear wheels are 57-254 (14×2.125), which is convenient for replacement at the same time.

In terms of braking, the Fiido L2 adopts front and rear disc brake design, coupled with front and rear tires with a strong grip, which can make the vehicle less slippery during emergency braking. The premise is that users need to make a pre-judgment when riding a bicycle, especially on rainy days, they should be more careful. Reflective patches on both sides of the front fork, driving at night can ensure safety. In order to ensure comfortable riding, L2 adopts front and rear shock absorption design, the rear wheels are spring hydraulic shock absorption, which can reduce the impact of bumps when riding.

Fiido L2 Features

In order to avoid riding wet pants and shoes in the middle and light rain, Fiido L2 is also equipped with front and rear fenders, the road is wet on rainy days, you can not ride fast in a raincoat, so the speed is controlled within 20Km / h, you can still let your feet and pants Keep it dry, of course, except for heavy rain, but it is not recommended that everyone ride an umbrella and ride a bicycle. It is very dangerous to control the vehicle with one hand.

The handlebar adopts a folding design, which can adjust the angle and height, suitable for users of different sizes. The brake lever is made of metal, which is strong and durable. The top is covered with a layer of rubber. When the brake is applied, the contact surface between the finger and the brake lever increases the friction without slipping.

In order to ride safely, the height of the seat should be such that the feet can stand next to the ground, otherwise, the brakes will be parked in an emergency, and the Bicycle will fall easily without support. The following picture shows the adjustment of the seat:

The handlebar integrates a mobile phone charging bracket and switch controller. When the mobile phone is installed in the stand, it can be connected to the USB socket next to the stand for charging, or you can use the mobile phone to navigate. The stand uses a screw fastening method, and the phone will not fall when it is bumpy.

The charging port is located under the bracket, which is convenient for connecting the charging cable. It is protected by a waterproof rubber plug, and next to it is a light switch and a horn button.

Fiido L2 switch key has a built-in intelligent controller to improve the power transmission rate and reduce control delay and overheating reaction. The control panel is simple and intuitive, with 3 riding modes: riding mode when the power is not turned on, no power consumption 0 power consumption, foot control speed, used for short-term exercise, or temporary emergency when there is no power.

Power-assisted mode: no need to twist the handle after turning on the power, intelligent electric power assisting with foot force, providing 0% -70% power output. Pure electric mode: no need to step on the foot, as long as you turn the handlebars, you can ride easily, saving effort and providing 100% power output. These three modes can be easily switched according to different occasions, and you can have both exercise and extended battery life.

The power assist mode is divided into three gears, and the computer automatically switches according to the pedal strength. The controller integrates a power display meter, power reduction/upshift, and power switch key, which can intuitively view the remaining power display and the current gear position. At the same time, L2 also comes with a fixed-speed cruise function: the current speed knob is maintained for eight seconds without letting go, you can enter the fixed-speed cruise mode, turn it again or turn off the fixed-speed cruise mode when braking. Press and hold the M key to turn on / off the power, and the +/- key to switch between high, medium, and low.

In order to ensure the safety of riding at night, Fiido L2 integrates front and rear lights. The headlights use high-brightness lamp beads. The paving effect at night is OK. Of course, you can add a strong light flashlight if you think it is not bright enough. In addition, the headlights have built-in speakers, which can remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety. The headlights are foldable and can be adjusted at different angles when riding.

The taillights use LED lamp beads, which are still more eye-catching at night, but the taillights are not linked with the brakes. When the switch is turned on, it will only stay on, and it can not remind the brake status of the rear Bicycle. It is recommended that the manufacturer can improve the linkage brakes at the same time, at the same time increase the left and right turn signals, and remind pedestrians and vehicles around when turning.

Users of the license plate hanger under the lights hang the license plates. Due to the different policies on electric vehicles in various places, some places need to be licensed, and some do not. Specific local policies shall prevail.

In terms of battery, the L2 luxury version uses a 20Ah lithium battery. The battery cell comes from a well-known manufacturer Foster and is equipped with a 350W motor. The official claims that the battery has an endurance of 85-125Km and an electric boost of 160-190Km. Of course, the endurance mileage also depends on the user’s weight However, the electric endurance of 85Km is enough to ride for two or three days without charging. Of course, here is just to introduce you to the battery parameters, and follow-up will bring you a detailed battery life evaluation. There is a battery lock next to the battery, which is used to lock the battery. Of course, this is also a design that prevents the gentleman from the villain. The battery has a pull-out design, so it can be charged regardless of whether it is installed in the Bicycle or removed.

The battery adopts a 18650 lithium battery with an energy efficiency conversion rate> 85%. It has functions such as over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, temperature abnormality protection, and short-circuit protection. Electricity.

As mentioned earlier, Fiido L2 provides three riding modes. When riding in electric-assist / pure power mode, you can feel the relaxed riding experience brought by abundant electric energy. This is because the motor uses a brushless toothed motor. Compared with the ordinary brushless motor, the brushless toothed motor has the characteristics of quick response, powerful uphill, and power saving, and of course, it is more expensive than the general brushless motor. For a penny and a penny, a little extra spending will bring you a comfortable long-life experience. Why not?

Although FIIDO L2 has a good performance in terms of battery life and comfort, in order to avoid the embarrassment of shaking off the chain when riding, a chain extender is designed on the rear wheel to avoid the chain from loosening due to shock absorption and contraction. Some friends may ask why not design shift gears? I think that the Fiido L2 adopts the pedal + assist mode to be able to ride a minimum of more than 160 Km. It is a good performance, plus the maximum design speed is 25Km / h, so it does not make much sense to add shifting. It is also easier to remove the battery to ride, plus The wheel diameter is not large, and it is not safe to ride fast.

The front and rear seat cushions are made of longer and longer leather sponge cushions, and the front cushions also have spring shock absorption, which makes PP more comfortable to ride for a long time.

After hanging the basket, the practicality has increased a lot, whether you buy food or place items, you can let users ride more at ease. When not in use, it can be stored at home or in the Bicycle, which can reduce the space occupation. Folding the Bicycle is also very simple, first put down the handlebar: Then the folding of the frame is completed, and the manufacturer has designed a locking device at the folding switch to ensure riding safety.

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FIIDO is a professional electric bicycle manufacturer. This Fiido L2 Electric Bicycle is defined as a long-endurance model. The maximum battery life of 20Ah battery mode is 190Km when using the electric power mode. The front and rear double disc brakes and double shock absorbers can ensure the comfort and safety of riding, and the design speed of up to 25Km / h is also in a relatively safe range. As long as you pinch a good time before going to work, there will be basically no trouble of traffic jams during commuting, and the three colors are also unique. As long as you can ride a bicycle, you can easily get started.

Then I will have in-depth experience from multiple usage scenarios such as battery life and riding experience so that everyone can understand FIIDO L2 in all aspects, so stay tuned. By the way, here is the  coupon code: GKB342S to buy this from Geekbuying at $779.99.

Update on June 15, 2020

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