FIIDO M1 Pro Review – 20-Inches Folding Moped Bicycle at $1,199 From Banggood (Coupon)


FIIDO M1 Pro is the new ELECTRIC FATBIKE from FIIDO and is the evolution of the FIIDO M1 highly appreciated for its excellent performance on any terrain thanks to the generous dimensions of the FAT tires. The new bike is convertible, so you can fold it and it will be less than a meter, and you can take it with you anywhere. The FIIDO M1 PRO maintains almost all the winning features of the first model, significantly improving the engine power which now reaches 500 WATT and obviously increasing the battery which is now 48V.


The FIIDO M1 Pro is perfect for moving around safely in an urban setting and can be easily folded; up to transport on public transport and in the trunk of your car. The practicality of this folding e-bike is to be found; in the choices made by the engineers of the Chinese brand; it can be folded in just 5 seconds thanks to the special mechanism. The material chosen for the frame is in fact a light aluminium alloy; which allows us to obtain a weight of just under 25KG (battery excluded). Its lightness thus allows it to transport without too much effort; and its closed dimensions 96cm*45cm*79cm (H x W x D) make it not bulky.

Complete with disc brakes and 20×4.0-inch wheels, the Fiido D11 features a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. Together with the pedal assistance levels, the cyclist who gets on the saddle; can therefore also play with the gearbox to have the most suitable ratio for each situation. The seat post, where we find the battery; also boasts an integrated rear light which, combined with the front one; allows you to always be visible in traffic. Among the other elements that make up this folding e-bike; we find the comfortable saddle and the ergonomically designed handlebar.

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The FIIDO M1 Pro bike is resealable so it can be folded to be less than 1 meter long and easily transported even in a luggage rack to always have it at hand. The aluminium frame, double shock absorber, DOUBLE FRONT / REAR DISK BRAKE, Shimano gearbox, 20 WHEELS and 500 Watt battery are the main components that make the top of the range for folding fat bikes. The Shimano gearbox has 7 gears and the front chainring has 52 teeth. Shifting gears is fast and intuitive. The FIIDO M1 PRO can work with pedal assistance or with the accelerator, as well as all FIIDO e-bikes. By unlocking the on-board computer you can easily reach the speed of 40kmh, the double front and rear shock absorbers and the wheels in FAT format guarantee incredible comfort on all terrains.

The motor is 500W and boasts compact dimensions and very low weight. It too is practically invisible as it is hidden in the rear wheel hub, but is still capable of delivering; the necessary power to overcome even the steepest climbs. The maximum speed that the FIIDO M1 Pro can reach is 25 km / h, as required by Italian law. The declared range of 130 km can be approached if Eco mode is used. It is the least expensive of the three modes provided on this e-bike; all intuitively selectable via the easy-to-read LCD display.


With the FIIDO M1 Pro, the company decides to debut in the world of electric mountain bikes, and they have done well. FIIDO M1 Pro is a mountain bike that will allow you to travel up to 130 km on a single charge. Thanks to its off-road design, you will be able to reach the most difficult places without a problem. FIIDO M1 Pro has attended every detail to the fullest on this bike and offers a very well maintained product that can also be folded. We can buy it from Banggood at $1199 by using Coupon Code: BGFDM1PRO – Here are some best offers that you can look for in this Banggood 11.11 Shopping festival.


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