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Fiio BTR3K Headphone Amplifier is an advanced Bluetooth adapter that allows you to wirelessly connect any headphones. Compact design, advanced wireless technology and the use of a high-class AK4377A dual DAC allows you to enjoy amazing sound anywhere. The device has a body made of aluminum alloy, covered with a slightly rounded 2.5D glass.

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The design of the FiiO BTR3K combines metal (black aluminum alloy) and glass. The design of the BTR3K resembles a smaller version of the BTR5. Since I really liked the design of the older BTR5, I also liked the look of the BTR3K. All controls, along with the microphone, are on the right side. The control buttons are separated separately, but too small. This may cause a little difficulty when using the receiver on a mobile basis. The problem can be overcome by controlling the BTR3K both from a smartphone and from some fitness bracelets.

Headphone jacks are located on the bottom edge: regular 3.5 mm and balanced 2.5 mm. On the top is a USB typeC connector. Unlike BTR5, the updated BTR3K does not have an NFC icon on the case, as well as its support. On the back of the case is the HiRes audio/wireless emblem. The receiver has an RGB indicator that shows the use of a particular codec in color. Due to the reduced size and weight, the BTR3K was more comfortable to use on the go than the BTR5. Although the rounded edges and glass sides still raised concerns about the possible slipping of the receiver from the hands.


The FiiO BTR3K is equipped with omnidirectional microphone and phone controls, as well as Qualcomm’s cVc noise cancellation technology, which is very effective in eliminating external noises and making your calls come through clearly. For volume control, the BTR3K reserves a function that allows you to adjust the volume of the sound source and the BTR3K itself separately, this allows you to adjust the volume according to your needs. Thanks to its “memory”, the BTR3K will remember the volume in future operations to facilitate the experience.

Sound Quality

With the upgrade of the Dual DAC chip AK4377A, the amplification capacity is doubled. Bass quality is somewhat firmer, neater and more coherent in the mid bass range, so EDM and Pop songs sound smoother and more soulful. Quick experience, the Fiio BTR3k has a smooth, easy-to-listen sound, with a very good bass range, a beautiful mid-range and a bit warm, the high range has a slight roll-off. Detailed review of Xuan Vu Audio will be updated in the near future.

Talk Mic

On the FiiO BTR3K device, FiiO is equipped with Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 omnidirectional microphone that is capable of canceling noise in many different noisy environments but still keeping clarity. Regarding control, the device includes a control key cluster, can use the microphone, the keys on the normal headset.

cVc Noise Cancellation

The built-in Fiia BTR-3K amplifier guarantees not only clear sound delivery. It also takes care of the uncompromising quality of phone calls, using the built-in omnidirectional microphone. Thanks to the eighth generation cVc noise cancellation, your calls will be clear and free of unwanted noise.


The FiiO BTR3K can be configured in two ways – in the FiiO Music app or the new FiiO Control that was released at the time of writing the test. The former is an extensive music player, which also allows you to configure the manufacturer’s Bluetooth adapters – there is an appropriate option in the side bar. Whereas the second application just contains the configuration itself separated from the first application, without the music player function.


The Fiio BTR3K Bluetooth receiver is designed around an aluminum casing giving it great robustness. It is compact and elegant to slip it easily into any pocket. To be sure to accompany you all day long, the Fiio BTR3K receiver incorporates a rechargeable battery offering up to 11 hours of autonomy. The latter also allows it not to impact the autonomy of the smartphone when it is associated with USB.

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Verdict and Buy

The overall sound quality of the Fiio BTR3K has a marked improvement over the BTR3 in the bass vs mid frequency range. Listeners will feel the freshness in the mid range vs the certainty in the bass range. BTR3K Headphone Amplifier is now available on AliExpress For Just $64.39 on flash sale. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Fiio BTR3K Amplifier on AliExpress


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