FiiO BTR5 Headphone Amplifier For Just $113.99 [Lowest Price]


The FiiO BTR5 Headphone Amplifier has already become the flagship of the FiiO range of bluetooth receivers, with very succulent and interesting new features for your music. For the first time, FiiO is betting on a dual ES9218P DAC, giving sound the importance it deserves and that is combined with a magnificent bluetooth 5.0 and the ability to work with lossless codecs such as aptX HD or LDAC.


The design of Dac This will have the added size and weight from FiiO BTR3 slightly from the original weight was 23 over a gram, it was up to 43 grams will increase a lot when compared as a ratio, however. In real life, that should be said to be very different. The external aspect ratio of the BTR5 is 72x32x11.3mm, while the BTR3 measures 58x25x10.4mm, partly due to the size of the battery the FiiO BTR5 uses. Expanded in size from the BTR3 itself.


For the developed specification of this Fiio BTR5, it started with the use of a new Bluetooth chip, making it change from Bluetooth Version 4.2 to 5.0 that is faster and more stable, with the BTR5 able to work continuously. It has 9 hours and supports Fast charging, which can fully recharge its battery in 1.5 hours. In addition, the DAC chip has been upgraded from AK4376A to dual ES9218 DAC chip, resulting in higher SNR, less noise, clean sound and quality. Greater sound than ever


This means that users can use the BTR5 to watch videos, play games without worrying about latency, or listen to high-quality music without worrying about wireless transmission quality. Users can also make a simple one-touch connection with NFC. In terms of conversation support, the FiiO BTR5 is also equipped with a high-end cVc noise-cancelling microphone to serve calls and calls. The FiiO BTR5 product will also have a silicone clip to clip the shirt similar to the FiiO M5. The battery capacity of FiiO BTR5 is up to 550mAh with up to 9 hours of continuous use with a charging time of only 2.5 hours.


What’s more, after pairing the BTR5 with a smartphone, the volume of the phone and the amplifier can be adjusted separately, which allows you to better adjust its level to your needs. In addition, the device will remember the last level used, and together with the FiiO Music app, it will allow you to remotely control the channel balance, switch between four different DAC low-pass filters and adjust the 10-band EQ. This FiiO adapter also allows you to listen to music through your car’s speakers and more safely answer calls while driving. Just connect your smartphone to the BTR5 via Bluetooth, and then connect the adapter to the car-audio system. You can also upgrade your home audio system in a similar way. Making, for example, an older generation home theater system fully capable of playing music transmitted wirelessly.

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