FiiO BTR7 White Edition: The Ultimate Headphone Amplifier


Last year, FiiO, a well-known audio equipment manufacturer, released the THX portable decoding headphone amplifier BTR7, priced at 1299 yuan for the Android version. And now, they have launched a new version of the FiiO BTR7, the official white Android version, which comes at a slightly higher price of 1349 yuan.  According to reports, the brand-new BTR7 (white) has undergone a significant technological upgrade, adopting aluminum alloy electrophoresis technology, which has a film layer with high hardness and can withstand pencil hardness above 3H. This technology also offers high anti-corrosion performance, preventing acid, alkali, and salt erosion. The BTR7 can remain firm even in environments where it does not fade or fall off.

Apart from the technological upgrades, the BTR7 also boasts impressive technical specifications. The official statement reveals that the BTR7 utilizes a complete audio architecture comparable to HiFi players. The DAC + low-pass filter + amp driver ensures that the details and dynamics of the audio are preserved. The DAC part uses 2 ES9219C launched by ESS, which effectively reduces channel crosstalk and improves separation, while the amp part uses THX AAA amp technology to form a fully balanced amp drive that nearly doubles the output power of the single-ended DAC direct push—furthermore, the balanced output power increases by more than 30%.

The BTR7 also incorporates a Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip for the Bluetooth part, which supports LDAC / aptX HD / aptX Adaptive high-definition Bluetooth encoding and conventional Bluetooth encoding such as AAC / SBC. For the wired domain, the BTR7 uses XMOS XU208 for USB decoding, which has a decoding capability that can reach 384K/32Bit and supports USB1.0 free drive. With playback software with an MQA decoding function, 16 times expansion can be achieved.

Finally, the BTR7 is the first Bluetooth decoder amp that supports wireless charging on the market. It is compatible with the Qi protocol and has a built-in 880mAh large-capacity battery. The BTR7 can continuously listen to songs for up to 9 hours when fully charged.

In conclusion, FiiO’s THX portable decoding headphone amplifier BTR7 (white) has impressive features and technical specifications, making it a top contender in the audio equipment market. With its advanced technology and improved performance, the BTR7 offers an exceptional audio experience to music lovers, and its wireless charging feature makes it a convenient and practical option for on-the-go use. Overall, FiiO has done an excellent job with the BTR7, making it a must-have accessory for any serious music enthusiast.

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