FiiT VR 2S VR Glasses design, features, review (with coupon)


June 25, 2014, 3 years ago, Google came up with a piece of cardboard. That cardboard was a pattern and the name of the Virtual Reality experience that they want to bring to the masses. Then everybody tough this will be revolutionary so many brands jump into the VR Wagon. Fiit was one of them and started to make their own googles, today we bring the Fiit VR 2S.


Made from plastic and fabric, this new model has an improved design from the last model, FiiT changed the cellphone strap, so now your phone will be able to work with AR, and the rest face components design now is more comfortable to use, so you can spend hours with the VR googles without fatigue.


The FIIT VR 2S 3D virtual reality glasses for smartphones has a 102 degrees super large field of view The distortion-free aspherical lens, amplify 5.2 times your screen. Actually works for people with within 600 degrees myopia, son can be used with naked eye, also sports adjustable IPD, fit for different people even with your personal lenses.

Thanks to its redesign, doesn’t feel pressure in the nose and eyes. Removable foam and elastic headband, so you can wash it to keep it clean and comfortable to wear. Suitable for phones screen within 4.0 to 6.5 inch being able to insert your earphone to the phone.


This headset is very easy to use, just snap the flap open, insert your phone in, and snap the flap closed. The fold mechanism is better than that of the Leji, where the flap is spring-loaded and makes positioning the phone a little bit more difficult.

It did not come with a Google Cardboard QR Code. The QR Code you see on the side of the Fiit VR Headset in the picture above goes to the company’s chinese vr app. But VR Kommando has created one, which I’m pasting below:

FiiT VR 2S QR Code by VR Kommando

To use the headset, download the Google Cardboard app for iOS or Android and point it at the QR Code above.
Just the inconvenient of calibrating the phone, but is easy using the QR code, this superlight VR headset is a clever choice.


You can get this superb VR headset from Fiit at bottom price from Banggood, just use the coupon code; DONCU7 to grab the Fiit VR 2S for just $17.85 and don’t let this flash sale go.


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