FIMI X8 Mini Review – 4K, 3-Axis HDR Camera RC Drone at $379 From Banggood (Coupon)


The new 4K drone from FIMI comes with the designation FIMI X8 Mini, lightweight only 250 grams, 4K camera, and 3-axis stabilization. You will even be able to buy it from a certified international retailer. If you are interested in purchasing a new 4K drone called the FIMI X8 Mini, we recommend that you purchase it through the popular international retailer The product is already in advance and according to the seller, the first orders should be sent on April 18.


The FIMI X8 Mini drone has compact dimensions of only 145 x 85 x 56 millimeters. He is a sibling of the FIMI X8 SE model, but this time from the compact category. Its main goal is to compete with the popular DJI Mini 2. The low weight of only 258 grams is also important, which also allows piloting without specific certifications. A great advantage is the flight life on a single charge up to 31 minutes (Pro battery) with a range of 8 kilometers. The battery has a capacity of 3500 mAh and charging is solved by a USB type C connector. In addition, various battery packs will be available, the one marked “Pro” will reduce the weight up to 245 grams. There is no lack of white color processing and orange / red color combination.

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The maximum speed of the drone is 16 m / s, when ascending it is 5 m / s, and when descending 3.5 m / s. As for the camera itself, there is a 12 MPx SONY CMOS (1 / 2.6 ″) sensor with a viewing angle of 80 degrees and 3-axis stabilization. The drone offers 12 MPx JPG / JPG + DNG formats. On the video side, there is no support for 4K (30 fps) recording with a bit rate of 100 Mb / s. The drone uses the H.265 / HEVC codec. In addition to automatic flight modes, level 5 wind resistance, SAR mode with 3x digital magnification, and sensor placement on the bottom of the device are available.

It also has intelligent flight functions such as the equivalent of DJI ActiveTrack to track a moving subject; Waypoint flight, Timelapse, live broadcast, panorama, SAR (search and rescue) mode, precision landing. Regarding autonomy, we can choose two types of battery, one standard, and another Pro. There is not much difference between the two; since the first offers up to 30 minutes of use; while the second grows up to 32 minutes. Beyond that, the FIMI X8 Mini has several automatic flight modes (Smart Tracking Modes); wind resistance level 5, SAR mode with 3x digital zoom and adds only sensors on its lower part. It is operated thanks to its remote control with a 3,500mAh battery, USB Type C port, and TDMA transmission system offering a range of up to 8Km. It can also be controlled directly from a smartphone on the WiFi with a range of 100m.


In short, a high-quality drone with which you can record and see all your adventures; in real-time from your mobile phone and that has hardly any flight restrictions. If you are interested, you know, apply the promotional code before paying and buy the FIMI X8 Mini at Banggood for $379 by using Coupon Code: BGX8MINI. You save a lot of money!


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