Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Guitar: APP, LED, Bluetooth, For Just $82.57


The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Guitar is a great proposition for all beginners. It is equipped with LED diodes, thanks to which the player is able to determine where it should press at a given moment.

Xiaomi’s choice fell on a Ukulele , a small string musical instrument, so easy to carry, well known via Golden Julien or the tube Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The instrument is built with quality components (Italian nylon rope, maple wood from Europe) to ensure good musicality.

But what makes it a real innovation is the presence of LEDs on the neck to teach you how to play. The lights tell you where to place your fingers. A mobile application / tablet allows you to choose a song and it takes care of you to work gradually, at your own pace, the score. This app will even help to tune the Ukulele Populele Xiaomi. it also has a game mode.

After watching several videos including the official launch, I find this idea of ??rope instrument with a great self-learning feature and a nice idea for (a) make a gift. Nothing exceptional to consider keyboards that also have bright touches but you had to think about it.

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Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Guitar is now available on Gearbest For Just at $82.57 On Flash Sale with 55% OFF.

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