Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier: 4L Capacity Air Conditioning, For Just $114.99


Dry air may cause several health issues, including infections and viruses, dry skin, and breathing problems. Many brands propose a tech problem solve – air humidifier. Therefore, Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier is the topic of today’s Deal.

Initially, Xiaomi is a real flagman in smart health and house care on the market, and a newly released Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier keeps up the image. It can be operated via an app, and estimates the level of air moisture with scientific precision, breaking the evaporation when it hits 70 %.

As any Xiaomi household item, Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier has perfect minimalist design. It’s hard to imagine a device bothering an eye less than Mi’s one, and melting in any interior design better. Yet, on the flipside – vibrant white surface needs upkeep, regular dusting and no wine or coffe around.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time you spend at home, and the number of people in your house – unless it’s realy significant and there are a few family members also, you might get well with a smaller capacity humidifier of this line. Not only does it evaporate water, built-in cotton filters purify water before it is diffused, and three air filters under the humidifier clean the air wind.

Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier also sports some tiny pleasant details. The cable is very thick and very pliable. Another little but pleasant feature is that this gadget comes in a box made of recycled cardboard. Besides, it has a comfortable handle so you won’t have problems bringing it home or transporting when moving houses. In concern of operation, this purifier provides really silent work – that’s especially important for night sleep and work time.

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By and large, Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier is a qualitative health investment. Despite a bigger price, it provides. Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier is now available on Gearbest For Just $114.99 On Flash Sale With 26% OFF.

Buy Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Air Humidifier For Just $114.99


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