Flash Sale! GameSir T1s Enhanced Edition & Ipega 9069 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad with Touch Pad (Coupon Inside)


Bluetooth Gamepads are available in all colors, shapes and of course price classes. Who is ready to spend a lot of money, despite the large selection mostly to the “FirstParty” controller from the home of Xbox or Playstation. The GameSir T1s Enhanced Edition and Ipega 9069 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad with Touch PaD is in no way inferior to the console flagships and promotes great compatibility.

GameSir T1s Enhanced Edition

The company GameSir is not a new manufacturer of specialized controls to play, and after the appearance of the 4GS model whose design is inspired by the controller of the Xbox One now brings to our visual delight a GameSir T1S controller whose inspiration is based on the Dualshock 4 from Sony. That’s why the GameSir T1S is a really comfortable controller with excellent grip. The quality of the material is quite high and gets very close to that of the controls of Sony and Microsoft. Likewise, it has everything you need that requires a quality control and that not all brands offer. I mean that in addition to having a classic button layout (ABXY, R1R2L1L2) has two analog levels that include their own built-in buttons (L3 and R3) and also has vibration. In addition, the GameSir T1S has the buttons start, select, turbo and clear.

At the top is the start button and a micro-USB port to charge the built-in 600mAh battery, which gives a range of around 18 hours of play. A row of four blue LEDs allows you to monitor the battery status. In addition, to play on the mobile, the GameSir T1S has a support in the center of the controller that supports 3.5-6 inch phones. GameSir T1S is compatible with Android, Windows and even PS3 and iOS (limited to certain applications, since the driver is not MFi certified). The remote supports wired and wireless connections, this with Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4GHz WIFI. It also includes a mouse mode, which allows you to control the mouse cursor and click using only the GameSir T1S, this extends the possibilities of the controller in tactile games. Parameters such as brightness, vibration strength, and turbo frequency can also be adjusted.

Ipega 9069 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad with Touch Pad

For more classical, there is the Ipega 9069, connected via Bluetooth to any compatible device (Android / Windows PC / Android TV Box / iOS 7 and higher) and can offer clearly superior gaming experience from … your mobile screen. A special feature of this Gamepad is certainly the touchpad (trackpad) who has to use it – if a subsidiary in several games such as the Angry Birds.

This Gamepad support playing games on Bluetooth-enabled Android 3.2v+ tablet / smartphone / TV box / smart TV / VR, IOS7+ mobile phone / tablet, MAC OSX PC and Win7 / Win8 / Win10/ Win XP PC without any drivers. The action A/B/X/Y buttons have back white LED lightening. While the device is switched on the LED illuminate for 3 seconds and it’s better for game playing in the dark area. L2 and R2 function keys are installed within the Hall Effect sensor. Make game playing be more accurately controlled. Ergonomic design brings you extremely cool and comfortable hand hold feelings. Dual strong motor function, and will have a vibrating reminder once powered on. This function only worked under X_INPUT mode by wired connected PC, this gamepad can’t have vibration until the game support vibration. With Mouse touch function, operate more conveniently under Android/ PC platform. Support kinds of games which download from Google Play Store: Shadowgun / Modern Combat 5 / Need for Speed 18 / Asphalt / Call of Duty / Dead of Trigger / CS: Counter Striker / Overkill / Street Fighter.


The GameSir T1s will find available with 20% discount coupon: GSIRT1SE while Ipega 9069 available with 5$ discount coupon: IPEGA9069 for a limited time and device number.


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