(Flash Sale) Hohem iSteadyGear Review: a 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer For DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras For Just $276.99 at TOMTOP


Hohem iSteadyGear Gimbal is a 3-axis camera stabilization gimbal for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Consisting of three separate brushless motors and a driver that controls the motors, The automatic balancing system, which is ready for use in the mid-range, provides three-way stabilization based on a highly accurate algorithm.


Hohem iSteadyGear is a 3-axis handheld motorized gimbal designed to stabilize video and stills on DSLR, mirrorless cameras and camcorders giving absolute clarity, smoothness when capturing fast-moving scenes. What sets the Hohem iSteadyGear apart from other motorized gimbals is that it’s easy and intuitive to setup with Auto-Tune directly on the gimbal for optimal torque control that has a powerful and high torque motor that actively stabilizes your shot when mounted to moving platforms at a maximum speed of 150°/s. Hohem iSteadyGear made by Strong aluminum alloy body can support up to 2.5kg/5.5Lbs, suitable for most professional grade DSLR and mirrorless cameras. You can attach tripod or monitor frame to the bottom 1/4″ thread. Sent with a tabletop tripod.


Hohem iSteadyGear has 4 different working modes(pan follow/pan& tilt follow/all follow/all lock) to meet various shooting needs. The 4-way joystick and quick switch make it easy for you to change lens direction and modes. Hohem iSteadyGear Support intuitive APP-hohem Gimset interactions via BT4.0 connection. Also sent with a portable remote control. hohem iSteadyGear 3-axis gimbal can automatically calibrate shaking caused by dynamic movement/shaking, which contribute greatly to stabler video shooting. With motion time-lapse shooting mode, you can set several waypoints to create a unique shooting path. Hohem iSteadyGear Adopt for Manfrotto type quick release plate, and the plate clamp can be turned into AS type when you install the adapter. Damping sliding arm makes the balance adjustment more convenient and easier. Hohem iSteadyGear comes with 2pcs 18650 batteries to ensure the working time of gimbal up to 12 hours. Sent with a dual slots battery charger. All items can be stored in the protective case, portable for outdoor shooting.


Mount your mirrorless camera on the Hohem iSteadyGear Gimbal for smooth footage capture. The Hohem iSteadyGear features 3-axis stabilization, compensating for vibration on the pan, tilt, and horizon axes. This stabilization gives your footage a professional look with less camera shake. The simple one-handed design is discreet and packs away easily. Right Now TOMTOP has Flash sale of Hohem iSteadyGear 3-Axis Gimbal, you can buy at $276.99.


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