Flash Sale! The Xiaomi ZSH.COM Towel Youth Series available in 2 Sizes on Presale at @Banggood


Xiaomi will certainly be familiar to one or other of smartphones or smart helpers such as vacuum cleaners. However, I slowly gain the impression Xiaomi is really producing everything. I could not resist the smile when I saw that there are even Xiaomi towels!

Antibacterial technology

This bath towel called ZSH.COM is woven from quality cotton. This towel is your skin that has anti-acne remedies. This towel can effectively inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mites. And the most important features that distinguish it from ordinary towels is the lack of absorption and smell of polyunsaturated. This towel is excellent and has a high absorption capacity. As the cotton used in it quickly absorbs your hair. So the towel absorption capacity has been announced up to six times.

No use of softener

Xiaomi has not added any softening chemicals to protect your skin from texture and to make this towel. However, the cotton yarn used has a remarkable smoothness.

Charming coloring

This towel has bright colors that create a sense of freshness and refreshment, and despite the proper packaging, it is completely clean and, unlike the usual towels in the market, it does not need to wash after purchase. Proper dimensions are also significant. Start with a lighter day with this towel!


The towels are welded in a bag. The whole reminds me of luxury hotels. The towels make a good first impression. Xiaomi sets these on 100% cotton. This cotton should not be chemically treated with plasticizers or the like. The towels are relatively thick and feel quite right. So there are no thin pieces. Also, the edges are neatly sewn. The towels themselves feel like a mixture of microfibre and cotton towel. So you can easily feel the mat on the clothes, but these are also not quite blunt. Due to the loop weaving, the dirt absorption is good to very good. The cloth feels good on the face as well as on the hands. The towels were only antibacterial. Here, a technology from the Swedish manufacturer Polygiene is used. Polygiene is not a small manufacturer, but they work with Adidas, Converse, Jack Wolfskin, and so on. Therefore, I am also confident that no toxins or harmful substances are present in this antibacterial coating.


The Xiaomi towels are available in 2 Different size variants with various colors for you to choose: blue, green, white, purple, orange. At Banggood, Price is around $6.99 for a 76cm x 34cm x 1cm towel Due to this size, the Xiaomi towel is primarily suitable as a towel for face, hands, sports, etc. as a drying after showering and another big Size Towel Price is around $24.99 for a 140cm x 70cm x 1cm towel its Big enough 140cm size for adults and children, and the absorption capacity of the towel is brilliant, so it can quickly absorb the water off your hair.


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