Flash Sale! Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 With Fingerprint Sensor For Just $898.94 at Lightinthebox


A good promo on the excellent little Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 with fingerprint scanner, an ultra portable effective and responsive that displays in full HD thanks to a slab whose screen borders are very thin. Evolutive with two SSD slots on the card, fast and elegant.

A real portable high-performance laptop. Full-fit technology makes the screen thinner, and high-density battery technology makes the battery smaller, high-speed SSD + FHD screen + discrete graphics card + all-metal casing. Only weight 1.3 kg, 14.8 mm thin. You can easily take it with one hand or put in any computer bag.

Create, edit video, play a great game. The seventh generation of Intel i5 CPU + DDR4 memory + solid-state hard drive PCIe + strong graphics card + GDDR5 memory. With such a high-end configuration, you do not need to get confused, choose a slim laptop or choose a high-performance laptop.

Disk video card Nvidia GeForce MX150, 2 GB GDDR5 The amount of memory. Thanks to this powerful independent graphics card, xiaomi laptop processes graphics and 3D games with 37% performance improvement. Hd realistic shots, smooth animation effects, allow you to linger in the right game.

A new feature of unlocking fingerprints. Click on it for 2 seconds to get to the desktop. Unlocking fingerprints is not only effective (it helps you skip a cumbersome process of entering a password), but also more securely. The laptop not only encrypts fingerprint information at the system level but also identifies and filters fake fingerprints (even if it’s a fingerprint or dummy fingerprint). It also supports various fingerprint records in different accounts. You can share the recording with your friends without interfering with each other.

Full-featured technology + narrow border design: it’s a completely different full-screen HD. The resolution reaches 1920 * 1080 and 1.8 times more than the 24-inch desktop. The same speed of 1080P does not have the same effect: the screen edge is already (only 5.59 mm), and the screen takes up more. A limitless 7H hardness protective glass (effectively reduces scratches), there are no convex boundaries around it, so you can concentrate more when using it. The technique, called “full landing”, will reduce the air layer between the screen component 4 times, reduce the refraction of air caused by highlights, regardless of whether inside or outside, it can have a good display effect.

9.5 hours of battery life: such a light and thin laptop can also work for hours. It uses a battery with an energy density of up to 578 W / l. The battery lowers the volume, guaranteeing the battery. This results in 9.5 hours of battery life. Support for fast charging 1C technology, half an hour can charge half the power. You can use it more freely, both on the road and at home.

ASG, the sound of art from Austria. We know that you love music and movies. So we invited AKG, an Austrian sound brand, to customize the speakers for the xiaomi notebook. Carefully calibrated 2 high-quality loudspeakers, respectively reinforced bass and surround sound technology Dolby Audio, which improves the quality of sound, music, and sound.

Specially designed interface type-c. The interface, compatible with charging, video output and data transfer for various USES, you can also use accessories for expansion. In addition to the USB-type c interface, there are full-sized HDMI interfaces, two USB 3.0 interfaces, and a headphone jack. A rich interface allows you to connect two 4K displays for operation.

The mi bracelet is your computer’s password (if you have a mi 2 bracelet). Install the xiaomi smart unlock application on your computer system, update the Mi wristband to the latest firmware, and when you open the computer, you can safely unlock it without any operation. That’s cool. You Can Buy Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 with fingerprint scanner From Lightinthebox at $898.94 in Flash Sale.


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