FlexPai 2 Flexible Smartphone Officially Released priced from 9988 yuan, $1426


Today, Rou Yu released its second folding screen mobile phone -FlexPai 2 folding screen mobile phone, priced from 9988 yuan, on sale today. The keynote speaker of this Conference is Chairman and CEO Liu Zihong, who believes that human-computer interaction in the future will be dominated by flexible technology, under which a variety of devices will make breakthroughs and innovations in human perception world.

From the birth of this idea in 2006 to the establishment of Rou Technology in 2012 to the launch of the first fully flexible screen factory mass production of the first flexible screen mobile phone in 2018, Rou Yu is constantly exploring the possibility of more flexible screens in various industries, such as the folding phone with flexible screens this time.

According to Liu, folding screen mobile phones currently appear crease, fracture and other display problems, while the team of Rou Yu developed intelligent mechanical simulation models to solve the problems encountered in folding screens, and launched the third generation of fully flexible wings. Officials say it can bend millions of times and pass 1.8 million screen bending tests conducted by the China Academy of Metrology.

Soft yu in the second paragraph folding screens FlexPai 2 is carrying a 7.8 in the third generation of a cicada flexible screens, all FlexPai 2 shaft of improvement, the gentle yu original Royole 3 s full closed linear top air shaft adopts a number of metal materials, which can realize seamless folding screen with hinge, 0-180 ° fuselage can be implemented at any Angle free hovering, material on the top air shaft adopted a number of metal materials. Officially known as FlexPai 2, the gap in the middle can close to 0 degrees.

FlexPai 2 has three forms: mobile phone mode, tent mode and tablet mode. Mobile phone mode can be used in normal conditions, tent mode can be used for entertainment, and tablet mode can meet business needs.

To facilitate the operation, FlexPai 2 also has a touch area. Double-click the sensing area to wake up or split the screen, and slide up and down to adjust the volume.

WaterOS on mobile phones has also moved to version 2.0. WaterOS 2.0 supports automatic identification of closed and unfolded states, and automatic identification of direction. The use of curved side screen under a single screen is optimized for single-hand operation. Application split screen can be realized in large screen scene, including large screen landscape and large screen vertical; Supports two and three screen. Previously, the first generation of FlexPai supported dual split screens, and now FlexPai 2 can achieve three.

In terms of performance, FlexPai 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, available in 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB combinations, and weighs 339G. In terms of price, the FlexPai 2 8GB+256GB FlexPai sells for 9,988 yuan, $1426 and 12+512GB FlexPai sells for 11,588 yuan,$1655. It will now be available on the official website of Rou Yu and on Jd.com on September 25.

In addition to the phone, RoPods TWS released is a wireless headset with Bluetooth, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


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