Flsun Q5 Review – Delta 3D Printer at $216.99 From Gearbest in FLash Sale


The Flsun Q5 is a delta-style desktop 3D printer produced by Flsun. The printer frame is made out of stainless steel parts. The device comes as a kit. Its modular design alongside the pre-assembled units makes it really easy to assemble. You’ll only have to screw the main parts together and connect the wires. Your Q5 will be ready in around 20 minutes.

Buy Flsun Q5 Delta 3D Printer From Gearbest


The Flsun Q5 3D Printer is pretty simple to operate. The 27-point easy auto-leveling system and the user-friendly touch screen streamlines your experience. The real-time nozzle height compensation and adjustment improve print accuracy. The device has a print volume of 200 x 200 x 200 mm. It can reliably print large parts without the risk of failures thanks to the embedded print recovery options. The printer comes with a single-extrusion unit with a Bowden feeder and a heated bed with lattice coating. The quality print surface provides strong first layer adhesion and, at the same time, it facilitates print removal after cooling.

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The Flsun Q5 3D Printer is powered by an effective 32-bit motherboard, which makes for faster and more stable operation. The sturdy structure and the quality hardware let you print at high speed, reaching up to 300 mm/s. The printer is quiet. It produces a maximum noise level of only 50 dB. It can also be upgraded by installing a swappable TMC2208 silent drive. The printer accuracy and simplicity along with its affordable price make it ideal for 3D printing novices, enthusiasts, and makers.


Flsun Q5 3D Printer is a very cost-effective 3D printer. Its pre-assembled and has high printing accuracy and printing speed. It is small in volume but has powerful functions such as a powerful 32-bit motherboard, automatic leveling, touch screen, etc. It is specially customized for beginners. We can buy it from Gearbest at $216.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Flsun Q5 Delta 3D Printer From Gearbest


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