Flsun Super Racer (SR) Review – Large Delta 3D Printer with Touch Screen


Did you dream of a 3d printer that was fast, efficient, and easy to set up? No need to imagine it since, now, it exists! The Flsun Super Racer (SR) 3D Printer meets these three criteria, and even many more. This revolutionary printer will surprise you with its many qualities.

Characteristics of Flsun Super Racer (SR)

  • The Flsun Super Racer printer is made of an all-metal structure, which gives it a completely stable and solid whole.
  • The linear rails make it possible to suitably guide the carbon fiber arm. This characteristic gives it high rigidity and high precision in printing.
  • Dual drive extruder
  • End of filament sensor
  • Driver TMC 2209 – increases the precision of stepper motors
  • Print volume : Ø260 x 330 mm
  • Printing speed: 100-200mm / s
  • Head Volcano printing. Placed vertically, this allows a greater diffusion of the heating volume and, therefore, you obtain a better flow of molten filament.
  • 3K carbon fiber rod. This provides optimum print quality. The main advantage of carbon fiber rods is that you get a lighter and stiffer moving printhead.
  • Removable glass top. It is maintained by a system at the three corners of the base of the printer.
  • Very quiet fan to cool the Super Racer.
  • 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen, attached with a magnet. It allows the speed of the print head to be monitored in real-time. 8 languages ​​available.
  • 32 Bit Motherboard – Robin Nano V3 Card
  • 2 GT belts 10 mm wide.
  • 148x107x45 mm toolbox located at the base of the 3d printer.
  • 48mm stepper motor


The Flsun Super Racer (SR) is one of the largest delta printers. Typically, these printers do not have the largest work surface but can offer greater print heights. With Ø260 x 330 mm, it offers quite a lot of volume considering its mechanical layout and price range. Delta printers are rare and with a print volume like SR, you can usually find them for twice the price.

The Flsun Super Racer (SR) comes with a small touchscreen that can be magnet attached to the printer frame. You can take it off and move it around; it remains attached to the SR with one of those twisted elastic cords you could see attached to the dashboard of a 1980s police car. At 3.5 inches, it’s not the largest touchscreen, but with a cord and the ability to move it around, it might be useful for some people.


The Flsun Super Racer (SR) comes with a Bowden type two-drive extruder, which should allow for a stable and reliable flow of filament to the hot-end. Bowden-type extruders sometimes have a problem with no jamming of flexible filament feeding, but the dual drive should alleviate some of these problems as it ensures even feeding. Yes! No racer would be complete without a bit of carbon fiber, and in the Flsun Super Racer (SR) they can found in the parallel arms supporting the printhead. Carbon fiber is a very strong, ultra-light material that should make the already light printhead even lighter. With less mass to move, higher speed operation becomes less susceptible to print artifacts.

Flsun would be silly to call a printer “Super Racer” if it did not offer an impressive print speed. Flsun says the default SR print speed is 150mm / s, but you can print as high as 200mm / s if you want. For comparison, Flsun’s Q5 runs at 30-100 mm / s. What does this mean for print quality? In general, delta printers can print at higher speeds than “typical” Cartesian devices due to their mechanical layout and less moving mass.

The heated platform on the Flsun Super Racer (SR) combines two notable features: it is made of tempered glass and is removable. A textured surface is probably the best solution as it provides a firm adhesion without the need for glue and allows prints to be peeled off just as easily once they cool down. It also allows for aesthetic first layers. Once in place, the platform can heat up to 100 ° C, which is enough for most filaments you’ll be using in a printer like this one. One more thing to mention is that the platform has automatic leveling. That’s nice – even less worry about shifting.

Since the Flsun Super Racer (SR) can achieve high printing speeds, it is probably reasonable that Flsun decided to equip the machine with a hot-end volcano. It should ensure fast and efficient melting of the filament and provide enough molten filament for potentially high SR printing speeds. Such a hot end also allows you to experiment with different nozzle sizes and flow rates, so it gives creators the opportunity to be more creative and innovative in their hobby of 3D printing.


Two other features are worth mentioning briefly. The first is that this printer has a filament sensor and resume printing function. The Flsun Super Racer (SR) 3D Printer currently costs $449.99. That makes it about $180 more expensive than the Q5, but that’s not a bad price considering the larger print area and faster speeds. You can buy it from madethebest.com at $449.99 in Flash Sale.


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