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What happens when a DJI Mavic meets a Parrot Anafi? A Flyhal FX1 is born, FLYHAL FX1 is an exact copy of MJX B16 PRO, which already has a talked about on the site. The price is slightly higher though. Consider the technical specifications.

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The FLYHAL FX1 impresses at first sight with its compact and foldable design, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of “brand” drones. The compact size of just 29.5 x 8 x 9 cm when folded weighs just 430 grams, making it the perfect companion for travel or vacation. However, despite its size, the drone is not far behind in technical terms, indeed.


The photographic module defends itself well, always keeping in mind the price of this quadcopter, as it features a really effective 3-axis stabilized gimbal. Shooting is stable in any situation and I have not encountered any problems with the alignment of the horizon. This drone declares the possibility of recording in 4K @ 30FPS on microSD (while the recording on a smartphone will be in FHD), but I am not sure if it is a real 4Kor, at least, the 1/3 ″ sensor while guaranteeing good shooting, is definitely not at the top of the category. The stability is also excellent, thanks to the synchronous work of the GPS and the VPU, and the presence of smart flights (orbit, headless, follow me) is very interesting. The automatic RTH is also quite accurate.


The remote control is very solid, equipped with 2 removable handles and all the controls necessary to pilot the drone and the angle of the photographic module, as well as a convenient LCD where you can view all the main flight parameters in real-time. Unlike other models, on this remote control (powered by 2 AA batteries) the antennas are not simply empty simulacra, but are fully functional, for the benefit of the control range, which is around 1000m.


The performance of the batteries is good which, thanks also to the brushless motors, are able to guarantee up to 25 minutes of autonomy, as long as you do not use the sport flight mode, in which you have a lot of fun, but at the expense of flight duration.

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