Flying 3D X8 quadcopter a great alternative to DJI Phantom


There are a lot of budget drones at the moment with more hitting the market on a weekly basis. If you love the DJI Phantom but cant afford the cash outlay there are plenty of cheaper alternatives around if you want get your hands behind the controls.  The Flying 3D X8 quadcopter, is one of these alternatives. The Flying 3D X8 is a real good looking device, with its it cockpit window and GPS sprouting out of the top, gives the Quad a “spy drone” look. 201507071408384tx5zgaFlying 3D have made a few modifications to the 2nd gen, upgrade firmware and strengthened the chassis of the quad to improve performance and have turned it into a pretty decent drone with the strengthening modifications done on the body. The Flying 3D X8 comes with enough clearance to add a gimbal and camera (option extra) the landing legs arc out from the body and doesnt seem to affect the stability. flying-x8 And if low on battery the quad automatically returns home with Automatic return & Landing and Intelligent Power Management.  And has a range of a whopping 1000 metres.The Flying 3D X8 is a good value quadcopter and not a bad alternative to a DJI Phantom for those not in the financial situation to buy even the DJI Phantom 3 standard. The Flying 3D X8 supports external image transmission (FPV) can fly itself home, but transmits flight data back to base(transmitter). Flying-3D-X8-With-Camera-6-Axis-2-4G-8CH-GPS-AUTO-Pathfinder-Quadcopter-RTF-WithThe Flying 3D X8 gives you about 7-10 minutes of Flight time or 26 minutes with the 5000mah battery. This feature allows you to read GPS location, battery power, range, speed, GPS location, and alot of other data. You are also able to get extra batteries and camera gimbal as optional extras.


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