Flyme Beta Version Has Added a New Three-Finger Screenshot


Today, the beta version of Flyme7.9.3.21 is coming. This beta version has added the long-awaited three-finger screenshot feature.

  • Flyme7.9.3.21 beta version has added a new three-finger screenshot
    Function adjustment
  • Add three-finger screenshots, one more screenshot
  • Problem improvement
  • Solve the problem of flashing back after entering a negative screen
  • Solve the problem that the lock screen pictorial does not switch wallpaper after using double-click bright screen
Release Notes

The internal test version may not function completely without a complete test. It is recommended to use a non-main machine for testing and make necessary data backup.

The beta version is updated every Monday and Thursday. In order to ensure that the fans are updated in time, the beta phone will be updated at night at the right time.

If you do not update multiple times in a row, you will remove the qualification of the internal test version and exit the internal test queue. You need to download the trial version or the stable version yourself.

The actual effect of some changes may vary depending on the random type, system version or network operator.

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