Flyme 7 Trial Update Released: Here You Will Know About Its Features and Changelogs


Today, the trial version update of Flyme 7 was released, this update you will get as Flyme beta and its features highlights are mentioned below:

1. Bubble notification covers all full-screen scenes. It does not distinguish between applications. It can also be displayed in navigation, comics, and other scenes. (Singing K song, navigation, Tencent anime interface, bubble notification is already supported)

2. The little window mode supports third-party input method, you can chat with your favorite input method. (Only vertical screen is supported when using third-party input method in little window mode)

3. Meizu M6s supports face recognition function, using live detection algorithm to collect, enter face information, identify and unlock.

This update can applies to Meizu PRO 7 Plus,Meizu PRO 7 High Edition,Meizu PRO 7 Standard Edition,Meizu PRO 6 Plus,Meizu PRO 6s,Meizu PRO 6,Meizu PRO 5,Meizu MX 6, Meizu M6s, Meizu M6, Meizu M3 Max, Meizu M3E, Meizu M6 Note, Meizu M5 Note, Meizu M3 Note.

The next trial version update date is expected to be on June 25 and the Flyme 7 version of MEIZU 15 series and Meizu E3 has entered the development stage. So please wait for it.

Change Log
Function Adjustments

Bubble Notification + Small Window Response

  • Bubble notification covers all full-screen scenes and each message can be viewed in time.
  • Little window mode supports 3rd-party input method in the vertical screen scene, continuing the use of needs.

Face recognition

  • Use advanced living body detection algorithms to capture and record face information and quickly identify and unlock in 0.1 seconds.
  • Path: Settings – Lab – Face Recognition
Problem Improvement


  • Solve the problem of Wi-Fi auto power on after power on.
  • Fix an issue where the mute icon in the notification bar is automatically lit.


  • Solve the problem that the desktop bar icon cannot be moved.
  • Fixes the reloading of desktop icons when returning to the desktop.
  • Fix the phenomenon of clicking other apps around the folder.
  • Solve the problem of vibration failure of some models of 3D Press.

Game Mode

  • Fixes the panda icon not being displayed in game mode.
  • Solve the game will automatically switch to horizontal and vertical screen display problems.

Power Management

  • Solve the problem of abnormal power consumption in the gallery app.
  • Solve the problem of automatically changing to high-performance mode after setting equalization mode.


  • Solve the problem of no SMS notifications in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Solve the problem that some models dial the phone black screen and leave the ear off the screen.
  • Solve the problem that the flashing light is still flashing after some models get an incoming call or hang up.


  • solves the problem that the Square Sound does not work.
  • Solve the problem that some models of music apps cannot scan SD card songs.
  • Solve the problem of displaying floating screen frame when playing screen recording.
  • Solve the problem that cached video prompts need to be networked to play.

Upgrade Notes

  • The trial version is an informal release. It is recommended that you use a non-host computer for trial purposes and make necessary data backups.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to update. Please wait patiently for the update process. Do not press the keys on the phone to avoid the update failure.
  • During the update, the phone will automatically restart. It is normal for the temperature of the entire device to rise slightly. Do not worry.
  • The actual effect of some changes may vary depending on the type, system version, or network operator. Please forgive me.
  • User Help App and Meizu Customer Service are Flyme official designated feedback channels. If you have any questions or suggestions during the trial period, please contact us in time.

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