Flyme 8 Experience Version Released and Will Reach a Total of 10 Models


Today, Meizu has released the Flyme 8 experience version update for users who have already registered for it. Users who have not signed up to participate in the experience version system need to update, please download it through the official website and install it manually. Version type switching needs to clear the data. Be sure to do a data backup and store it in a computer or other device.

The first official experience version will be available for the 10 Smartphones includes Meizu 16S Pro / 16S / 16X / 16th / 16th Plus, Meizu 15/15 Plus, Meizu Pro 7 High Edition, Pro 7 Plus, and Meizu Note 6.

Update log:

The new “Alive Design” design concept

Visual design
  • New icon, minimalist design layered, simple but without losing details
  • Leave the line blank, erase the dividing line in the interface, and feel refreshed and lighter.
  • Sink globally, reduce system control position, and make operation easier
Smart wallpaper
  • Live wallpaper with a smooth transition from the lock screen to desktop, interactive feedback, and dynamic change, seamless switching at night and night
Motion effect
  • Optimize window dynamics, layered adaptive icons with rounded corners to make window dynamics more coherent
  • Upgrade the animation effects of charging, fingerprint recognition, voice, and other scenes to make visual effects more vital
Sliding effect
  • Deeply optimize touch response speed, both smooth and smooth
  • Improve list scrolling speed model to simulate real inertia
  • Added list scrolling effect to give system flexibility


Aicy voice
  • Skills manual to help you quickly master Aicy voice, fast commands support WeChat, phone, search, translation, smart reply, and other scenarios, big things, something to talk about, call Aicy can help you easily
Aicy Overview
  • Personal assistant changed its name to Aicy overview, intelligent integration, intimate and more agreeable, support information unlimited brush
  • Add a message, late sleep reminder, weather warning, intimate advice, understand what you need, be your intimate assistant
  • Great collection function, support real-time display of various application collections, quick call collection information path: Aicy overview_card management_My collection
  • Support the home page to pull out the quick call out the fast application, that is, click and use without installation
Aicy screen
  • Long press automatically recognizes text, pictures, and page information, quickly extracts and identifies key information, supports scanning, identifying passwords, and extracting texts. Sublimation every time you press, you can get what you need with one click.

Small window mode 2.0

Global small window
  • New global callout window function, slide to the icon position to open the small window, easy to deal with various lightweight task processing
Side call bar
  • Adjust the position and height of the side callout bar, support the hidden side callout bar, and call out the small window at the position that suits you best.
  • Path: Settings_Navigation and Shortcuts_Shortcuts_Application Small Window_Side Side Call Bar
Parallel small window
  • Whether you are reading a public article or a friend’s circle, you will receive a WeChat notification to reply. You can use the small window to go back and keep the original reading rhythm.
Avatar bubble
  • The bottom of the small window supports the display of contact avatars, making it easier to switch between multiple people.
Convenient small window
  • Add small window maximization function, maximize the small window with one button, and quickly change the application usage status
  • Adjust the size of the small window to make the small window display more and more reasonable

One Mind 3.5

Process Reaper
  • According to the current state of use of the mobile phone, intelligently kill and kill the background process, upgrade the killing system application level, improve the killing accuracy rate, and use the smoother
File system
  • Adopting a more advanced I/O scheduling scheme, the file read and write speed is greatly improved
Response time
  • Optimized the CPU’s response strategy during sliding operation, making the app start faster and smoother.
Switch wake-up 4.0
  • Optimize third-party application self-start detection and interception logic, allocate system resources reasonably, and further improve daily usage fluency
Power optimization
  • Optimize system application power performance and improve endurance
Resource hosting 3.0
  • Comprehensive, multi-level managed peripheral resources to increase peripheral energy consumption ratio

Game mode 4.0

Brand new design
  • Adjust the dark background, add a shortcut tool panel, a smaller screen footprint, use it back, reduce visual obscuration, and bring a more immersive game-assisted experience
Phone acceleration
  • One-click shortcut to clean up the background cache, giving the game plenty of RAM memory
Block incoming calls
  • After the call is turned on, the call is automatically rejected, the call is continuously continually, the call in the game is prevented from affecting the game experience, and the call record is kept intimately so that the game can be viewed and replied after the game.
Screen operation
  • Keep the game running normally in the state of the screen. When you need to hang up, this is a good choice for saving power and not dropping the line.
Quick screen
  • Quickly start system screen recording, record the most exciting moments
Power button to prevent accidental touch
  • To prevent accidental touch on the power button lock screen, press the power button twice in the game mode to turn off the screen.
  • Path: Game Assistant_Setting_Anti-missing_Power button anti-missing
Game album
  • Gallery added “game” album, in-game screenshots and screen capture automatically in the gallery focused on the “game” album, find more convenient
Network diagnosis
  • Diagnose and provide suggestions for the current state of the network to improve the gaming experience

Night mode 2.0

Color optimization
  • The further upgraded self-developed color conversion algorithm brings a deeper and more comfortable night mode, allowing the eyes to feel comfortable at night.
Scene rich
  • More comprehensive scene coverage, such as smart wallpapers, weather pages, and system input methods, for a more immersive nighttime experience

system interface

Notification bar
  • Long press and drag the shortcut switch to the hidden bar to hide the shortcut switch, the number of custom shortcut switches
  • Support manual modification of application notification storage status, fine management notification
  • Path: Settings_Notification and Status Bar_Application Notification Management_Application_Notification Storage
  • Optimize lock screen notification display logic, lock screen notification support settings to display only new notifications during lock screen
  • Path: Settings_Notification and Status Bar_Lock Screen Notifications_Show only new notifications
  • Optimize the visual layout of horizontal and vertical screen notification bars to improve notification reading efficiency
  • Sliding floating notifications can temporarily block notifications, unlocking automatically resumes normal, and freeing up temporary peace for yourself
  • Add a lunar calendar display in the drop-down notification bar

Status Bar

  • Added battery level display in battery icon function, effectively utilizing status bar space
  • Path: Settings_Notification and Status Bar_Status Bar_ Battery Percentage
  • Adjust the status bar height, icon size, and spacing, the status bar is more beautiful
  • Optimize the Bluetooth icon display logic, only the Bluetooth status display, cure obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Expand the lock screen operator information display area to ensure the normal dual card information display is complete
  • Real-time network speed changed to double-line display, saving display space
  • The brightness bar is resident at the top of the notification bar, making it easier to adjust the brightness.
  • Optimize desktop icon layout display, the full-screen model desktop icon is more 4×6 layout, the folder is more 3×4 layout, reasonable use of screen space, the desktop display is more coordinated
  • Adjust the desktop folder background display effect, remove the background blur effect, and the animation is more natural
  • Support for Android native adaptive icon features to further enhance the consistent experience of Flyme style icons

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