Flyme 8 Trial Version is Updated on June 2nd: With System Optimization


The official Weibo of Meizu Technology released a message saying: “The Flyme 8 trial version is updated again! Some models are adapted to the “King of Glory” and “Ace Warrior” game vibrations, making every game memorable. At the same time, the gallery has a variety of watermark stickers, so that each photo has your own unique stamp. “

It is understood that the Flyme 8 experience version optimizes the system stability and fluency of simple gestures in terms of the system, and improves the operating experience. It also adapts the refreshing vibrancy for the glory of the king and the ace warrior for killing. It commemorates each achievement and supports 16s Pro, 16s, 16th Plus, and 16th.

The function is turned on by default and no settings are required. More than three kills can be triggered. In the gallery area, diversified watermark stickers are added to support information such as time, location, and author. Picture sharing is more personalized.

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At the same time, the Flyme 8 trial version also solves the problem of abnormal display of parallel small windows; solves the problem of abnormal display of some application status bar icons; solves the problem that the Aicy plug-in is not displayed after occasionally clearing data; solves the unavailability of WeChat applets on some models The problem of facial recognition; solve the problem that WeChat crashes after using WeChat small window. 16s Pro, 16Xs, 16s, 16X, 16th Plus, Note9, 16th, Note8, 16T, X8 users can download the trial version on the official website.


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