Flyme 8 Trial Version Update Rolled Out With Small Window Mode 2.1


Today, Meizu launched the long-awaited small window mode 2.1 with the latest trial version update of Flyme 8. At the same time, the trial version also provides a new Aicy voice. In some parts, there are also a lot of fun new features added to the model. So let’s take a look and know entirely.

Flyme 8 Trial Version

Small Window Mode 2.1

Flyme 8 Trial Version

The biggest highlight of this Flyme 8 update is definitely the small window mode 2.1. The first is to modify the call-out method. It used to reside on the left and right borders, which may cause conflicts in gesture operations. Now it is directly changed to the bottom corner of the screen, which is more accurate in operation.

24 Applications

Secondly, it supports the addition of up to 24 applications, which greatly improves the usability of the small window mode. Users can also freely drag and drop the sequence according to their own habits. According to the WeChat issues that users have reported the most, the small window mode 2.1 has also been improved.

For example, you can call out the WeChat chat interface when you read the WeChat public account article; when you enable the speedy red envelope function, you are watching movies and playing games It will open the WeChat red envelope interface in the form of a small window mode without interrupting what is currently being done.

Flyme 8 Aicy Voice

Another interesting feature of the Flyme 8 update is Aicy Voice. This time Meizu added three different vocals, including friendly, gentle, natural, and more personalized choices. The voice assistant is also full of human flavor.

Flyme 8 Trial Version

There are still many other parts of the function upgrade. The Meizu 16s Pro and 16s have added the front screen fill light function, and the self-timer effect of dark light is more ideal. Some models have newly added focal entrances in professional mode, which can take pictures farther and better. , As well as a series of fun new features such as new filters, see the long picture below for details.

Meizu lovers who want to experience the latest features of the latest can hurry up and install the Flyme 8 trial version to experience the above new features immediately!

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