Flyme for Watch officially Unveiled: The First Smartwatch with a Square Interface Design


In addition to bringing a brand new Flyme 9 UI system, Meizu also launched Flyme for Watch specifically designed for smartwatches.

Starting from the hardware features and interaction methods, Meizu has newly defined the design language and extended the sense of the order of Flyme 9 to the small screen. It is equipped with a redesigned launcher, notification centre and shortcut switch, which brings easy and convenient interaction.

In terms of vision, Flyme for Watch supports highly customizable dials and provides more than 30 small components. Users can freely use their creativity to match. It supports album dial settings for dynamic and static pictures. It also has a unique art dial to choose from, anytime, anywhere Appreciate different artistic styles and feel diverse cultural trends.

In terms of functions, Flyme for Watch not only supports conventional notification synchronization, music control and other functions, but also supports eSIM independent call functions completely separated from mobile phones, supports independent networking, and can realize the function of finding mobile phones, which is convenient for users.

At the same time, Flyme for Watch also brings the Aicy voice assistant on the watch side, which can achieve the same user experience as the mobile phone side and provide users with a real smartwatch experience. The introduction of the Meizu Pay payment tool also expands more usage scenarios for Meizu watches. Flyme for Watch supports independent communication, APP, and payment functions

It is worth mentioning that Flyme for Watch supports the installation of third-party apps. The most advanced apps include Air Travel, Baidu Maps, NetEase Cloud Music, Alipay, Sogou Input Method, QQ and many other watch-side apps. At the same time, it also launched Ant The independent entrance to the forest can collect energy anytime and anywhere.

Aiming at the two natural pain points of smartwatch performance and battery life, Meizu also introduced the OneMind smart engine on the watch side to customize the core capabilities in depth according to the hardware characteristics and usage scenarios of the watch, including as many as 300 special optimizations.

Flyme for Watch has been exclusively optimized for the two major pain points of watch battery life and performance. In most scenarios, the system fluency is stable to 60 frames per second, and in terms of battery life, the increase rate is as high as 70% on the original basis.

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Finally, Meizu officially announced that Meizu’s first all-smartwatch equipped with Flyme for Watch will be officially released in May, so stay tuned.


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