FLYPRO XEagle Smart Watch UAV RC Quadcopter you Can Control with Ssmartwatch


Especially for action athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, the Chinese drone manufacturer Flypro Launched XEagle, a quadcopter controlled by a smartwatch. The XWatch special XWatch has multiple buttons for operation, and the drone responds to voice commands via the watch.


Your life’s an adventure, and there’s no better way to get all your most jaw-dropping moves on video than with XEagle. Designed to be the ULTIMATE SPORTS DRONE for even beginner pilots, XEagle’s pre-programmed flight algorithms let it automatically follow your every move – and capture your wild side from a bird’s-eye view. Plus, its aerodynamic design improves flight efficiency and reduces wind resistance. Ready to hit the terrain? XEagle’s right behind you. With the following speed of 17m/s, maximum altitude of 5,000m, and flight time of 22 mins, it’s ready to plunge down the steepest slopes when you’re MOUNTAIN BIKING, SNOWBOARDING, or HIKING. It’ll follow you tearing up the skate park on your skateboard, and capture you SURFING monster waves – XEagle’s precision is down to most minute details, allowing it to record your best moves in the perfectly SMOOTH video.


When you’re blazing down a mountain or tearing up the slopes, you’re gonna want both hands free at all times. So here’s something unique for you: unlike most quadcopter drones, XEagle isn’t piloted by a smartphone or handheld controller. Instead, it’s controlled by XWatch – which is a lot like a SMARTWATCH that fits onto both your arm and wrist. Easily control the position, altitude, and speed – AND monitor flight stats – all from one compact device. The XEagle comes in four versions: Lite, Sport, Advanced and Professional. The latter variant has obstruction detection based on infrared sensors, so the drone does not just fly somewhere. All models (except the Lite version) also feature a 4K camera. In addition, the Advanced and Professional version comes with regular remote control, if you prefer to fly with the drone in an old-fashioned way.

Voice control

As drones become more intelligent, the operation can be simplified, that’s the idea behind the XEagle. Instead of steering the drone with a traditional controller with sticks, the XEagle quadcopter steering will complete completely via a smartwatch. With one push of the button, the drone rises, after which to proceed to Follow Me, Point of Interest, or after performing a flight, Return to Home.

The smartwatch can also send commands to the drone via voice recognition. Then you need to speak English (or Chinese), more languages ??do not recognize the watch. In addition, the display of the XWatch displays at one glance the status of the drone, including the drone’s position relative to the wearer of the watch, the actual height, battery level and remaining flight time.


Moreover, future updates will also include the ability to control the drone via a smartphone app. This wasn’t imagined as an expensive drone, with Flypro to offer the complete package, comprised of a drone, smartwatch, controller, 4K camera, and obstacle avoidance, for $277.79 used $22.2 off coupon code: HTY20FXE and 220 points to enjoy the price.


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