Flytec 015 Mobula Stunt Car Sparkle Light RC Car Toy Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Flytec 015 RC Car with cool mobula look design is a wonderful car Gift for Kids. It can skip jump and high-speed spin on the ground, equipped with a 2.4GHz control system ready to run. Another exciting feature of this car is that it has colorful sparkling lights in the back. Come on and try it by yourself!


Flytec 015 RC Car has mobula Devil fish design, cool and funny. Car Body cushioning design, the fuselage at the top cushion design to reduce the friction with the ground when the gyro-car rolls. 360-degree rotation of one wheel, including the clockwise and counterclockwise vertical rotation. Front differential design, front differential wheelset, can be controlled gyro steering. Bouncing function, the gyro-car can be bounced immediately after the bouncing. Flytec 015 RC Car has the beautiful design comes with bundle accompanies practical detail body and finish with reasonable development outline. It additionally comes.


Flytec 015 RC Car has Rotation stunt Cool and fast 360-degree rotation on the spot, including vertical rotation in the clockwise direction and counter-clockwise direction, let you enjoy the speed and passion Stunt bounce, Stunt action, the car can bounce up instantly Strong driving force. Compared with other racing cars, this vehicle starts quickly, runs fast and reacts rapidly. All of these will bring you excellent experiences. Long remote controlling distance, The remote control adopts a 2.4GHz high-frequency signal technology, the controlling distance on the land reaches 80-100 meters. And one controller can manipulate 3 cars at the widest range of applications. It performs well in any kinds of situations, including outdoor and indoor, hard earth, wet beach, and grassland. Your kids can play with it at any place.


Flytec 015 RC Car is an incredible gift for your Kids, your youngsters will find it irresistible very a great deal, bring together your personal toy. it may be very thrilling, difficult to children’s thoughts if it’s miles fixed randomly, Stimulates youngsters’ mind improvement. grab you a superb toy on your youngsters on TOMTOP Just at $47.79 with using Coupon Code: HY9FY, and 220 points to enjoy price


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