FocoClipping-An Online AI Tool to Erase Image Background in 3 Seconds?


There are various reasons why users who use online tools can employ other solutions to Erase Image Background from their images. One of the best tools is shared here to erase anything that has accidentally shown up in a picture. Another is to grab a certain picture or image to use in some work, such as in a post concept for Instagram or in a banner. Let’s get started reading details about this amazing tool.

However, erasing the background from images cannot always be straight, much more so if you aren’t informed about photo editors. However, there are quite a few solutions to erase the background from your pictures that make life simpler for individuals who don’t have enough chance to learn about editing software but still must use the suggested tool. If you’re one of these individuals, we have a tool to erase image background.

FocoClipping aims to help you erase and edit the background of images with ease. Erasing image background can turn it from a normal snapshot to a piece of beauty. Most images can be retouched in only three seconds and the background erased. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to make use of it. Here is some of the pros of this tool are given below.


  • It is free of cost to erase image background.
  • Using this tool is a breeze because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Images up to 9 Mpx & 12 Mb in size can be shown with stunning HD quality on-screen.
  • You can do the bulk image removeronline at once, such as 30 images at a time, with this tool.
  • Within three seconds, it can identify the subject, modify the background, accurately recognize photographs, and assist in cutting away the backgrounds.
  • Detecting the subject, changing the background, accurately distinguishing images, and supporting cutting off the backgrounds take about three seconds with our great bulk BG erasing.

How can you get benefit from FocoClipping?

  • Gets a new and amazing look.
  • Adds the coherence to images.
  • Appears more appealing to viewers.
  • Check out below how to utilize it.

It would be best to look at FocoClipping, one of the top sites. It’s your all-in-one picture background eraser that works effortlessly, quickly, as well as effectively. You can download all images in groups with just one click.

How to use FocoClipping?


The first step is to go to and click the upload button. You will find a button to upload a picture in front of you. You must click on it to submit the image you are searching for a background erasing.


When you upload something, it will just take one or two seconds for it to be uploaded, and then it will immediately erase the background from your image. The intelligent eraser will then produce a picture with a transparent background on its own.


You can click the download button at upper right corner to download an image with erased background. That’s all!

Aside from its effortless procedure, you can also benefit from its advanced features, including flawless hair details and eliminating all difficulties associated with difficult hair selections. Furthermore, it is beneficial in dealing with any difficult detail, including the hair tip. It could also aid with the application of hair touch-up tools.


Erasing Image background is the process of clearing the background from an image. This creates a blank canvas that we can customize and use to add other elements such as product images, banners, ad covers, and thumbnails, among other things.

That is why we require a background erasing tool that operates freely. This article has addressed how this online tool can help to erase image background. FocoClipping, in terms of background removal and modifying the background, is the most effective approach. Its Advanced Auto-AI Algorithm can also execute a wide range of tasks. It is possible to erase image backgrounds and colored objects, as well as create new backgrounds and erase white background photos. It’s time to take advantage of the convenience of backdrop changing.


HAPPY Erasing Image Background!

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