Foldable Smartphone: LG Patented Device With Multiple Screens


LG Electronics has successfully patented a smartphone plan that will fold in three. LG Electronics filed its patent application at the end of 2014 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and was approved in November 2017. The patent concerns a concept with screens that fold in three places. One of them displays the main screen (with the camera and the home button) in the middle while others point it to the right or left of the device.

The patent also shows how the screens are folded. In one concept there are three screens, while the other two, one is larger (equal to two screens). In addition, the patent also describes how to use it. For example, when the device is completely unfolded, the three screens can be used as one. This could be useful if someone, for example, reads an article and often has to scroll.

When the smartphone is halfway, a different function will be activated. In this situation, the third screen will be separated from the other two. Thus, the user will be able to view other content on one screen (the smallest) and the other on the larger (which will have the size of two screens).

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Finally, LG seems to have thought about the patent for smartphones, but it can not be ruled out (if eventually implemented) and other devices such as a tablet, portable navigation devices, personal digital assistant and other similar devices.

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