Four-axis X52 Drone Aerial Photography Review


Four-axis X52 Drone is one of the best products for aerial photography. Also, It comes with excellent features. let’s talk about its design and features.

Four-axis X52 Drone


Four-axis X52 Drone comes with Pneumatic stress set tallness exact lock stature and position, stable float. It can understand one-gave control. Successfully forestall the screen shaking when taking pictures and recording, and it is helpful to shoot from any point.

The top-notch wide-point focal point has a wide scope of elevated shooting, high shading rebuilding degrees, and can adequately reestablish the image quality itself.

Four-axis X52 Drone


Four-axis X52 Drone comes with the versatile APP, you can completely control and watch the airborne photos of the airplane, and the pictures can be returned plainly with the goal that you can have the vision of transient birds and record everything without any problem. Also, It very well may be controlled and changed by the controller, making the aeronautical shooting point huge.

Four-axis X52 Drone

At the point when the insightful follow mode is turned on, the airplane will naturally keep a protected separation from the controller. No controller, it follows you any place you go. You can easily control from the phone, turn on the capacity of direction pointing flight, draw the flight way you need, and the airplane will fly promptly as indicated by the direction you drew.

Four-axis X52 Drone

During the flight, on the off chance that you need the airplane to get back to the beginning stage, you can squeeze one key to review the airplane. At the point when the flight distance surpasses the controller distance, the airplane will naturally give an admonition.


Four-axis X52 Drone is the newest and the best drone. You can easily buy these versions listed below from Tomtop


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