FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone Now Very Affordable Price On @RCMOMENT


The FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone had a great first impression on us. It’s the whole package when it comes to the nano/pocket drone market. It’s sleek case that serves as the transmitter and a charger is phenomenal.FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone seems more like a cute high-tech pet. The artful 3-in-1 design of transmitter, charger, drone case makes it exceptionally portable. Whenever you want to fly indoors, just take it out and put on the sticks of the transmitter. If the power runs low, you can just power it with the transmitter.The lovely beginner-friendly RC quadcopter is sure to arouse your interest in the UAV and enable you to get the hang of how to pilot multi-rotors.


When you skillfully operate the basic mows, you can try some adventurous rotations. Fly the drone more than 4 meters high from the ground, click 360°roll key the drone will 360°flips.Battery Controller: The drone special designed controller is also a storage box for the drone and spare parts. Controller cable allows you to charge the drone by batteries in the controller.OUTDOOR PROTECTIVE CASE – pack the drone into cloth case for easy carry and full protection. With a 0.3M camera, it can take lifelike pictures or video and leave the most exciting moments in life.LED Lights: The creatively designed LED lights are fitted for night flight possibilities, leaving a beautiful landscape in the night sky.FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone has measure 4.5 * 4.5 * 2.4cm.


The FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone can flip with the push of a button. You can do flips and rolls with ease. The FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone features headless mode to help with orientation, which is a good feature for beginners. The FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone can be flown in low mode for beginners or in high mode for more advanced flyers. It features a 0.3 MP camera that will take pictures and video that are stored on an SD card on the drone. It will take decent pictures outdoors and in good light, but don’t expect HD quality.The Beetle Mini fits nicely inside the remote for easy storage. You can place the entire assembly in the included carrying bag to help keep it protected. The FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone can even charge when stored in the remote. This remote was well thought out and is labeled to help the pilot know which button does what.The FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone fits nicely inside its remote.One really unique feature is the ability to use the remote’s batteries to charge the drone. There is a little charging jack that you can slide into the drone-like Neo connecting to the Matrix.Also comes with a 6 axis gyroscope and a built-in 0.3MP HD camera. The Drone is powered by a 150mAh rechargeable battery that will give around 4-5 minutes of flight and the 2.4Ghz WiFi remote controller by 4 X AAA batteries.


If you are looking for a small and portable quadcopter that has a camera then you should consider the Beetle. It certainly isn’t the most powerful or fastest drone out there, but it is an excellent choice for under $40.Surprising enough, it is very easy to use, even for first-timers. When it comes to Drones, I always recommend you start with a small, inexpensive device before launching yourselves into the most expensive models. In this way, you will learn how to use it, how to make some fancy tricks and also if you really want to invest in something more powerful and expensive.FQ777 FQ04 Mini Foldable Drone is now available at the very affordable price on RCMOMENT just at $19.99 (On limited Flash Sale).


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