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Download Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30 and 1.20.70: Meet unusual animals that love to search for seeds and don’t mind sharing them with players. You can check minecraft 1.20.30 download or download minecraft 1.20 apk here.

Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30 and 1.20.70: New version
Expand the possibilities of using common items with Minecraft 1.20.0 update. Now the bookshelves have received a separate functionality and can be used not only to place books, but also to create a secret passage right in the wall.

Meet the camels who will be happy to help you arrive anywhere in the cubic world and transport various loads.

The use of various objects in gameplay is an integral part of the game, according to the developers constantly trying to add them with new functions and features.

In MCPE 1.20.0, users are provided with updated bookshelves, which can make the cubic world more interesting. And also to decorate the house and the territory, the heroes can use the new version of the familiar plates.

New characters

It’s worth noting that despite the updated ways of placing these items, players can still do this apply different inscriptions on them that allow them to decorate their homes and give them a unique style.

In Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30 and 1.20.70 these items do not need to be placed on a separate block. It is enough to install them on the wall of a building or even on a tree. With the textures for MCPE made of different types of wood, you can create an individual atmosphere throughout the room.

Improved Bookshelves
You can decorate the house in different ways and one of them is the Installation of bookshelves. Only in Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30 and 1.20.70 they change from the category of decorative elements to fully functional objects.

Combine them with Redstone and create a secret passage. Only the player who knows which book to take for the mechanism to work can open it. At the same time, the texture and appearance of these useful items remain the same.

The process of interacting with various creatures in Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30 and 1.20.70 has taken on a whole new meaning. This was made possible by the appearance of mobs such as camels and sniffers.

These creatures are harmless and undoubtedly can only benefits the players. Embark on a journey on horseback or encounter an ancient creature that can be useful when searching for seeds of various plants.

Build a house in a unique style in Minecraft 1.20.0, 1.20.30 and 1.20.70, it is enough to use bamboo for this. Its texture does not resemble any of the previously appeared wood species.

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Previously, this plant was only used to breed pandas, and now it is available to build or even a real raft.

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