Free spins, loyalty and referral bonuses explained


If you’ve signed up to an online casino site recently, or you’ve held an account for a while, you may not know about some of the many promotions and bonuses offered the site that could, possibly, help your gameplay.

Located on the promotions page are, usually, a selection of bonuses to choose from, ready and waiting to be claimed by you – but what do they entail?

As we load the promotions page, we wanted to share with you three casino promotions and offers that many casino provider sites offer, which you may not have discovered yet, or have seen advertised but not clicked claim yet – free spins, loyalty and referral bonuses.

Follow us as we explore more about these three bonus types and what they could potentially do for your gameplay.

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Free spins bonus

The most common bonus to find on the promotional page is the free spins bonus, offering players free spins when claimed, and can be claimed by new and existing players.

The free spins bonus usually requires a deposit to activate and unlock and more often than not is attached to certain games found on the virtual casino floor.

Each free spin is usually worth 0.10 credits and can be spun into play to potentially win ‘real money’ prizes.

Loyalty bonus

Is there anything better than being rewarded for your loyalty? Well, that’s what this bonus does – rewards you for playing on the site.

Offered as a bit of a thank you from the casino site provider, these rewards can arrive in many forms on the promotional page, such as a free play of the site’s daily free game, loyalty points, wagering credits, level-up systems and bonuses, coins, free spins, or even tokens.

Each site offers players something different, so it’s always worth reading the terms and conditions before accepting any prize or offer.

Referral bonus

Offered to existing players, this bonus rewards a player for spreading the word about the site and bringing new players to the virtual casino floor.

If a new player signs up using your unique referral code, you could see yourself receiving a bonus – usually in the form of bonus money.

Of course, in some cases, this reward can benefit both the existing and new player, as they could receive a welcome bonus from your referral code, whilst you receive the referral goodies.

To find out more about the promotions offered by your favourite online casino provider, head to their promotions page and discover what they have to offer – and remember to read the terms and conditions before claiming, as these may have wagering requirements or rules on how to use your prize and unlock bonuses.

It’s good to note here, that any and all bonuses and offers found on the promotional pages are optional to claim. Please don’t feel pressured to accept anything offered, as, after all, they’re bonuses, not must-haves.

Will you be unlocking a bonus offer on your next trip to the virtual casino?


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