From Candy Crush to Online Casinos: Mobile Gaming Is a Market about to Explode


For many industries, going mobile is an indispensable necessity. Thanks to an increasingly hectic and nomadic way of life, consumers are finding it easier to carry out several of their daily activities on the go, while commuting or in-between tasks. This includes communicating, shopping, and, of course, gaming. Mobile gaming is set to dominate the scene in a few years, as games like Fortnite and PUBG have seen amazing success over the past few years – but also niche markets like mobile versions of online casinos and online slots are finding their way to mobile device owners.

The Early Years

Gaming as a market has experienced a surprising boost in recent years – it has moved past the stereotype of the nerdy IT guy and reached out to a wider audience that looks beyond gender, age or background. Of course, mobile gaming owes a lot to the pioneers of the genre: simple games that have defined the origins of mobile gaming like Snake have passed on the torch to games that have retained the element of simplicity, yet added more exciting graphics and a concept that appeals to everybody, like Candy Crush. Recently, Pokémon Go and the frenzy it brought with it showed us the way into the future; incorporating increasingly sophisticated technological elements into mobiles games increases their appeal. In the case of the game that sent everyone Pokémon hunting, it was the application of augmented reality and geolocation technology in the service of a catchy concept.

New Elements Come Into Play

As virtual reality also evolves, we are bound to see more and more AR and VR games specifically designed for mobile devices soon enough. The market of mobile gaming has an infinite potential for generating revenue, as it already comprises more than 50% of the total gaming market. With 2.3 billion gamers set to spend almost $140 billion within 2018, mobile gaming continues to be the fastest growing segment in the industry. This year, it is projected to demonstrate over 25% in annual growth rate and surpass $70 billion – with smartphones taking the lion’s share of 80% at more than $56 billion. Online casinos have recognized this trend, with many of the most rewarding slots like Mega Moolah now offered on mobile devices, as online casinos are going mobile so that gamblers can play slots from their tablets or smartphones.

Online Casinos Tap Into the Market

Many of the most popular online casinos are already familiar with handling new technologies as they emerge, since the online gambling industry is frequently among early adopters. There are even online casino games like roulette, poker and slots that incorporate elements of AR and VR. According to a Red Flush review, many casinos nowadays are specifically targeting mobile device users by providing mobile versions of their main games, including roulette and blackjack. They usually come in both browser-based versions that can be accessed on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, as well as mobile casino apps, which are seemingly an upcoming trend.

Online gaming is definitely here to stay, one way or the other – and we are about to experience a huge boom in both variety and quality, as developers look for ways to optimize profit and gamers keep on raising their standards.


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