FULAIYING TOYS X52HD Review: a RC Drone with 1080P Camera For Just $29 at TOMTOP (+Coupon)


FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone features with Phantom 4 appearance and altitude hold function, which is perfect for RC beginners and aerial photography. The 1080P camera enables you to have a nearly 100m distance of real-time images transmission for fantastic video/picture taking, which is really a great flight combination.


With a look-alike shape of the DJI Phantom and the bottom of the aerial camera module, it is quite like, the FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone is made of plastic, you can choose from Black, Red, and White optional. Thanks to lightweight materials with battery. Fully assembled measures 27 * 27 * 11cm & Weight 117.5g. Below each arm there are LED lights, The design is beautiful giving you a chance to perceive what your automaton sees, perfect for shooting an assigned spot or essentially to glance around. the design has Altitude hold expanding flight security for clear photographs. Don’t be fooled by this drone’s DJI Phantom 3 appearance because it is a lot smaller than the original. FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone comes without propeller guards. Fulfill their tasks during flights in areas in case of collision with the wall still, we keep in the air without harming still maintaining stable flight.


FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone supports various kinds of functions such as 3D rollover, forward, backward, sideward, speeds up and down, turns left and down, up and down and hover. It is equipped with a 6-axis gyro that takes care of smooth flying and landing. The drone can function well even when there is a lot of wind and is quite easy to control The headless mode feature of the FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone makes it possible to run in one direction. The FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone is an intermediate level drone that can be controlled by 2.4GHz wireless remote control. FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone comes with Wifi FPV real-time transmission and 1080P Wifi Camera let you see what the camera sees and capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky, Support 5G spectrum WiFi connection, high-quality pictures and live feed video. The duration of the 3.7V 750mAh (18.7g)(included) Li-Po battery is approximately 10mins. Before flying, the battery must be charged for 80 minutes.


The FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone is a great toy quadcopter to learn on, especially if you plan on getting a DJI Phantom. If you want to play a cruel joke on a friend or a family member, then you can get them this fake DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. This, like most toy drones, is best used for real flight training. You Can get FULAIYING TOYS X52HD RC Drone from TOMTOP without Camera Version at $29 and with 1080p Camera Version at $43 if you use Coupon Code: HYFAYN to enjoy this price for both versions.


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