FunSnap iDol Drone Review: One of The Best Portable Smart Aerial Photoing Drone For $169.99 at TOMTOP


The Chinese company Xiaomi continues to surround itself with many new partners. It is now the thunder of the young Funsnap brand to embark on the crowdfunding platform. Funsnap is part of the video world, with its first project, a Gimbal Capture. He recently released his second and new project, namely the FunSnap iDol Drone. It seems that Xiaomi wants to be reborn in the field of drones. After the release of the 4k Mi Drone and Xiaomi Mitu Mini Wifi Rc Drone recently presented, back with this very successful project.


This Drone has an original designer because it bends to be transported easily, bending the propeller parts on the central body. Therefore, folded measures 226 mm x 144 mm x 48 mm. On the contrary, its wingspan at 226 mm x 268 mm x 68 mm. The FunSnap iDol Drone has a reasonable size and is an important resource for mobility. In addition, its weight reaches 360 grams, thanks to its ABS plastic parts to withstand falls.


Inside we will find a removable battery of 1800 mAh that offers a range of 10 minutes of flight. Also, on the front side has a camera with Full HD resolution. It can record videos in 1080p at 30 FPS and take pictures at 1920 x 1080p . After taking, you can share them directly through the dedicated application of the drone and the latter will allow us to control the drone via the screen of your smartphone but a dedicated controller should be released. As for its use, it is very well equipped because it has a GPS chip, an altimeter barometer and a stability of altitude thanks to an ultra-sound sensor. It also features more divers flight modes including 360 ° flight and automatic flight mode, reaching a 50-meter flight altitude.

Drona has gastronomic recognition (AI) programmed, allowing you to make a Selfie just by raising 2 fingers. If you raise your palm, it is scheduled to land. With SmartFollow mode, the drone recognizes objects or different shapes and sizes, managing to track them, even if they are moving fast. If you want, you can leave the remote control and your home phone.


For those interested, the FunSnap iDol Drone can be purchased from the website at prices of $169.99, only valid for first 300 units. Undoubtedly a very interesting drone and that above all allows us to obtain photographs and videos of a certain quality.


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