FuriBee H801 6 Axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter Cheap Price at @GEARBEST (Sale Link Inside)


A usable camera in a mini-drone? We will, of course, be heard, even if we still have doubts. In the FuriBee H801 is a camera with a resolution of 720p, which meets the definition of HD. We’ve looked more closely to see if this is as good as it sounds.

The appearance of the FuriBee is reminiscent of a grasshopper. Whether this has really succeeded, be hinged, but any animal or insect can be recognized in the unusual design. Really tightly installed is not the attachment, and all parts are a bit too pliable and loose. If you do not apply too much force when inserting the battery, the drone will be healed.

The body of the Furibee H801 is the same as many of the other Inductrix style clones like the Furibee F36 or the Eachine E010. Because it uses the same body it means that your propellers are protected completely by air ducts making it great for indoor flights.As for flight performance, I think we can expect good things from this one as it is based on an already great working design that is known to be able to carry a camera.

The transmitter is just your basic mini transmitter with a phone mount on the back if you have an FPV version. As for the control sticks, they are flat which doesn’t provide the greatest amount of control but for something being flown indoors it should work fine.The camera itself is mounted on the top of the quadcopter at what looks like to be a fixed forward facing position.

Overall the Furibee H801 is not a bad looking quadcopter if you’re looking for a mostly indoor flyer with a camera. It is very similar o previous models that flight fantastically, It Available on GEARBEST at just of $29.99. (It will sell at $19.99 for first 16 orders only at 10:00 UTC From Oct 23 to OCT 30, at $29.99). and also GEARBEST also starts a Furibee Others Drones at very cheap prices and also available at Add-Ons so don’t forget to this golden chance.


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