FX635 RC Airplane Review – Fixed Wing Airplane Toys for Kids at $43.59 From TOMTOP


This FX635 RC Airplane is an innovative RC airplane with a light structure but strong and strong. It is easy to control and convenient to carry. Perfect gift for children!

Buy FX635 RC Airplane From TOMTOP


The FX635 RC Airplane is scaled down according to the F35 fighter aircraft, with a high-fidelity two-channel design, differential aircraft engine control for left and right turns, and throttle control for the climb and lowering. Fully assembled, ready to fly Fighter Mode. Built-in 3-axis gyro flight self-stabilization system, steering wheel more easily. Be made of EPP and ABS material, lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant, not easy to break, good stability. 2.4GHz, no interference. Two-channel design, simple operation, good flight experience. It is safe and will not hurt people, very suitable for beginners and hobbyists.

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The FX635 RC Airplane adopts the 6-axis gyroscope achieves great flight stability. In any case, the aircraft will maintain a stable flight attitude as long as the joystick is released. This mode is very suitable for beginners to fly. With a 3-axis gyroscope, the aircraft can accurately lock the flight attitude, the remote control reaction is more sensitive so that it can easily make stunts such as roll, somersault, and inverted flight. The remote control is equipped with large and small rudder settings.

Different players can switch the rudder level according to different environments while the aircraft can be controlled more softly or flexibly. A small rudder is suitable for beginners to fly, and a large rudder is more sensitive. A high-discharge rate battery offers 5.5 minutes of battery life. This pack comes with a dedicated USB charger. The charging time is 30-60 minutes. The built-in 1106 5350KV brushless motor runs in high efficiency and low noise, providing a powerful flight for the airplane. The aircraft can fly both indoors and windless outdoors.


It is safe and will not hurt people, very suitable for both beginners and amateurs. The FX635 RC Airplane is a good toy for young kids as it can benefit their continuing brain development. Best holiday gift for the coming year, also for the kid’s birthday. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $43.59 in Flash Sale.

Buy FX635 RC Airplane From TOMTOP


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