G2 Pro Mini PC Review: a Mini PC Comes with Built-in 2.0MP Camera & MicroPhone For Just $145.49 at Gearbest (Coupon inside)


The “G2 Pro” Intel Mini PC does not look like your average Windows gadget, featuring a unique design and a set of prominent functional features, it will propel you into the realm of efficiency and productivity. Innovative and compact design, impressive storage capabilities and a great set of functional features are what sets the “G2 Pro” Windows Mini PC apart from the competition.


The Intel Mini PC features a unique design and all the benefits of Windows 10, Smooth operation, fast speeds and multitasking. Great tool for online chats and conferences thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and 2MP camera. Ever imagined of a cool looking mini pc you can carry like a portable Bluetooth speaker, well with G2 Pro Mini PC you can carry your workstation with you. G2 Pro Mini PC is a licensed Windows 10 Mini PC with a great form factor and builds quality. It has an unusual form factor and resembles the design of a Mini PC with Buil-In Camera & Built-In Microphone. In the front, you will find a camera, a Mic, LED Indicator, and Power Button.


The G2 Pro Mini PC has some rock solid internals it comes with advanced 64 bit Intel Atom Z8350 processor ( 2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz), Alfawise mini PC can decode and transfer your data at a stunning speed. Get it home, experience its ultrafast performance to get your favorite shows and movies instantly. Built-in Intel HD Graphic(Gen7) processor improves the video playback to a greater extent, max resolution is up to 4K. Images will be so vividly as they will jump off the screen any minute. Your viewing experience will be optimized. It boasts 4GB RAM, 64GB flash memory and 64G max extended capacity via SD card. With this great capacity, you can enjoy HD videos with faster loading speed; get a smoother gaming experience and download those wonderful apps as many as possible.

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One of the highlights of the Win Pro Intel Mini PC is its impressive storage capacity. You will have 64GB of internal storage at your service, as well as up to 64GB on an SD card. Yet, that’s not even the best part. You can also add an HDD of up to 3TB to this mini home PC and turn it into a great media center and backup for all your movies, games and music. The Intel Mini PC comes with a great set of communication options, and you won’t have any trouble connecting to other devices – whether through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. What’s more, the compact mini PC comes with a 2MP camera – perfect for quick chats online and even web conferences. Simply hook the computer up to any screen, and you will have yourself a powerful machine for work and entertainment. With the Intel Mini PC, you will get to work and play with Windows 10 (arguably, the best Windows operating system to date). This will allow you to make full of use of a number of upgrades relating to performance, design and user experience. The Windows activation code is included with the product and can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the underside of the product. Then just enter the activation code for a hassle-free setup that lets you get going in no time.


The G2 Pro Mini PC comes with Windows OS, giving you access to the new operating system and all the benefits that it brings to the table (performance upgrades, design improvements, better Search and Start menus and more). So, whether you want to indulge in some entertainment or work on an important project, the G2 Pro has just the right interface to suit you. Right Now we can buy it from Gearbest at $145.49 after using Coupon Code: CA%TM704


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