Galaxy S8 Antutu Score Unveils to Prove Most Powerful Smartphone


When we buy a smartphone, we may need to know its Antutu test, how it is powerful according to Antutu score, and it is also the best software to prove Android smartphone existence to beat iPhone 7 Plus. Recently, there is other video to show Galaxy S8 (SM-G950)Antutu score, it has got 205,284 points, if it is real, Galaxy S8 will become the most powerful smartphone. And it will let Android smartphone to beat over Apple in performance.

Previously, Iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus are in the top first and second rank, and Oneplus 3T reaches Top 3 which to prove the most powerful smartphone, Snapdragon 821 processor and 6GB, it has got over 160,000 points.

Some netizens think that the nice score is due to Samsung own Exynos 8895 processor, RAM 6GB, but someone said it shows the performance of Galaxy S8 not SM-G950, as for its reliability, it needs to prove.

By the way, Samsung Galaxy S8 will have RAM 4GB international version, but RAM 6GB in Chinese version. And there is news that Chinese version will bring more powerful scores with its own Exynos 8895, competing with Snapdragon 835 processor. Stay tuned.


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