Geekbuying is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary with Great Deal Promotions


GeekBuying, the global online store, is celebrating 10 years this month. On this occasion, the world-famous electronics retailer comes up with top offers for the hottest products. The GeekBuying 10th Anniversary campaign started on June 7 and will run until June 27, divided into three periods, with different activities and options for buyers (see the Shopping Guide page ):

The Pre Event is the week from June 7 to 13, which has already started with introductory offers available to all online store customers.

  • June 7-14. between – Warm-up promotions
  • June 14-23. between – The Party starts – Main promotions
  • June 23-27. between – Last chance

In particular, consumers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • $10 discount coupon for all products on the site if you subscribe to the store’s e-newsletter.
  • Access to exclusive “flash” deals when shopping on the ” pre-heat” page on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.
  • Additional discounts of $10, $50 or $100 for orders over $100, $400 or $800 respectively and payment through Klarna. A number of European countries, including the United States and Australia, already support Klarna payments.

The main event is from 14 to 23 June. During this period, buyers from around the world will have a choice of a vast variety of products in each section of the online store and the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars from special offers.

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GeekBuying offers coupons for all users who provide savings of $3 to $50. Moreover, these coupons can be used in conjunction with Klarna discounts for a cumulative effect. Here are the coupons themselves, which are valid from 14:00 (UTC + 8) on June 14:

  • GKB10TH4 – $50 discount on orders over $600
  • GKB10TH3 – $25 discount on orders over $300
  • GKB10TH2 – $10 discount for orders over $100
  • GKB10TH1 – $3 discount on orders over $30

In addition, GeekBuying has a special 48-hour flash sales page that offers some of the best deals on current products. The main event also includes special offers for products available in local warehouses, with fast delivery within 5-6 days for the EU region, the UK, and the US.

The Lucky Draw is in the period June 24-27. It gives lucky buyers a chance to win gift cards worth up to $1,000.

GeekBuying users can find an extremely wide variety of products in the store in several main categories: smart home, consumer electronics, e-vehicles, 3D printers and lasers, TV Box devices, laptops and tablets, furniture, toys, and other gadgets.

GeekBuying 10th Anniversary campaign is a great opportunity for consumers around the world to get the desired product at a good price, thanks to the many discounts that the store offers from 7 to 27 June.


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