Geekbuying Super Sale: Pay with PayPal and Save up to $50 OFF Discount!


We have repeatedly known the many offers that Geekbuying has presented to us among various tech and mobility products. However, it happens, periodically, that the store inaugurates very inviting promotions that allow you to save large amounts on the purchase, for a limited period of time. As in the case of the Geekbuying Super Sale, where the products on offer can be discounted by paying with PayPal.

But how does this Geekbuying initiative work? All very simple! Starting today, September 22, 2021, we start with early access where users will have to subscribe to the store to immediately get a Coupon for a $ 5 discount. This will be possible until September 27, 2021. Arriving at that date, i.e. September 27, 2021, it will be possible to access the real Geekbuying Super Sale event, where there will be codes that will allow you to get a $ 50 discount on $ 500 spending, $ 20 on $ 200, and $ 10 $ out of $ 100. This promo will be valid until next 5 October 2021, with the possibility of an extension until 11 October 2021.

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But it doesn’t end there: for the first 1,000 users who pay with PayPal, Geekbuying has made available an additional 5% discount on the purchase made. In short, in any case, the savings will be ensured. The products on offer in this Super Sale are distributed among several categories that we can select in the side menu of the special page of this offer. Among the selected products we have Android TV-Box, Windows mini PCs, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, 3D printers, and portable consoles. In addition to these products we also have a direct coupon of $ 5 for all users when subscribing, we also have special sections for the most popular brands.

As always, these products have different shipping options, from China where we have them at a cheaper price with free shipping and without tax or from warehouses in Europe, from these warehouses we have delivery in 5 days. Within the file of each one, we can see the different delivery options. Don’t know what to buy? Geekbuying has also thought of this: in fact, at this link, you can access the store’s Shopping Guide dedicated to the Geekbuying Super Sale event. While to know more details about it, we leave you the link to the main page.

Enjoy coupons below:

GKB2150PP $50 OFF
GKB2120PP $20 OFF
GKB2110PP $10 OFF
and use paypal can save extra 5%, max $5 OFF


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